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You learn more by losing than winning: Paras

Q. Are you relieved that we are returning at least with a win?


PARAS: Yes things went right for us in the last match though we have not been playing well throughout the tournament. Prithu batted very well for us. But stills all those who got start should convert into big scores. Overall we just played 10% to our potential. Its not that we did not try but things did not go well. Like Prithu was batting so well today but unfortunately he had that injury and that sums up it has been that type of tournament for us.


Q Still was we a few runs short given the partnership between Sharad and Prithu?


PARAS: Yes we had to restart after Prithu retired. At this level every ball counts as other teams are good enough to utilize even a single mistake of the opponent. Today we played better than Uganda.


Q. How is the performance of this tournament going to affect our T20world cup preparations?


PARAS: There are a lot of things to learn and you learn more by losing than winning. We will focus on the positives and carry on to the world cup. Rather than picking the best 11 we had to pick the fit 11 in most of the matches here though that’s not an excuse. T20 is a different format and we have been playing well in that format. May be we were not ready for the stage I think we were not experienced and sharp enough to win at this level.


Q. Did you miss experience in your fast bowling department?


PARAS: The young guys tried their best. More than experience when I could not bowl that affected the balance of the fast bowling attack. My bowling would have been handy in these conditions.

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