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Who are Nepal’s Division-III opponents?


The biggest thing that could be associated with the hosts is they have played one World Cup in 2007 at the West Indies. After finishing fourth in the 12-team ICC Trophy, they were qualified for 2007 World Cup. But after that their cricket has slumped heavily. They were relegated from Division-I finishing sixth in 2007 and slipped further after being relegated again to Division-III with a sixth place finish in 2011 Division-II.



In the only encounter between the two sides, Nepal had defeated Bermuda by 24 runs in the ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier league stage in 2012. Except for that match, the two sides have never met in any format of the game. 




Uganda were out from the group stage in the 2005 ICC Trophy after they finished at the bottom of the tournament. Two years later they won the promotion to Division-II after winning the eight-team 2007 Division-III. But four years later, they were relegated to Division-III ending up at the bottom of the 2011 Division-II.



Uganda are completely an unknown opponents for Nepal as both sides have never met each other in any format of the game.




Italy is a team that remained in the Division-III after finishing fourth in 2011 league. They were relegated to Division-IV following their seventh place finish in the eight-team Division-III in 2007. They remained in Division-IV a year later finishing third. After finishing second in the 2010 Division-IV, Italy returned back to Division-III. 



Nepal have defeated Italy thrice, the last they registered a five-wicket victory against the Europeans in the 2010 Division-IV at their own grounds in Bologna. The Division-IV was also a tournament where Italy earned a promotion to Division-III.




Oman also played the 12-team 2005 ICC Trophy that sent four teams into the 2007 World Cup in West Indies but they finished ninth. They were once again close to World Cup when they finished second behind the UAE in the 2007 Division-II to reach 2009 ICC Cricket World Cup Qualifier. In the 12-team Qualifier – which also decided the Division-I and II teams, they finished 11th to be relegated to Division-III. Along with Italy, they remained in Division-III finishing third.



Oman have never defeated Nepal in the 50-over match.Nepal met Oman in the 2002 ACC Trophy and 2010 edition of the same tournament and returned victors in both occasions.  




USA had finished 10th in the 2005 ICC Trophy. They had remained on Division-V along with Nepal after finishing fourth in the 2008 league in Jersey. After finishing second in the 2010 Division-V in Nepal, they were promoted to Division-IV and gained further promotion to Division-III winning the Division-IV league in 2010 in Italy. 

However, their two-year progress was halted after a fifth place finish in the 2011 Division-III saw them relegated to lower Divsiion. Along with Nepal, USA once again returned to Division-III finishing second in the 2012 Division-IV. 


USA are Nepal’s favourite opponents and both teams know each other very well as they have played eight matches between them. While Nepal have defeated USA four times, the Americans have won twice and two of the matches had ended with no result. Nepal’s first victory over the United States was a 92-run victory over them in the 2008 Division-V in Jersey which was a replay after the scheduled match was called off due to rain. 

 In the 2010 Division-V league stage match, USA had defeated Nepal but the hosts bounced back defeating USA in the final. USA, however, avenged that defeat with a 55-run victory in 2010 Division-IV in a replay of their league stage match that was called off due to rain. Recently, Nepal had defeated USA twice in the ICC World Cricket League Division-IV in Malaysia last year – one victory was in the final.

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