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We all have to fight through tough times: Coach

Coach Pubudu Dassanayake

Q. Was the Netherlands too good us ?

PUBUDU : I won’t say so but because we are there in terms of skills but things are not going our way. I’m really hurt because we have let down everyone who have been supporting us. There are some valid reasons but no excuses. We are not going to give up and fight till the last game. 


Q Even injuries seem to have taken the toll now. 

PUBUDU:  Yes of course some of the key players picked up injury. Also that the players are worried now that they have not won a single match for a long time now. We all have to fight through tough times everyone knows that and find ways to contribute to the team. 


Q Still a match to go what are the plans? 

PUBUDU: We are desperately looking for a win. We obviously want to finish on a high. 


Skipper Paras Khadka 

Q. Was Netherlands too high a team? PARAS:- We haven’t played well at all and even today we were outplayed. We are not putting the effort that we are known to put at difficult times. Everybody is trying but performance is not coming for us. In other words we are playing much below our standards. 


Q. Too much of shuffling in the batting order. Is that affecting the performance desired from the top order? 

PARAS: – Players are not clicking at all and we have no option but to try to find the best performance rather than pair. Otherwise everyone has a particular role in the team. Since no one is performing we need are to everything to find winning ways. 


Q. Is there anything that you as a captain would say that is at least satisfying if not good? 

PARAS : I have to say NO. We have been outplayed in each and every game in all departments. More than the bowling its the batting that has let us down. 


Q. With just a match left people are skeptical that the team has forgotten to win and will return winless. PARAS: – We play every match to win. But sadly this is the lowest our team has ever performed probably in the history of Nepal cricket. In the last two years we have been so successful but sadly in this tournament that has come to a complete end. Everyone who have enjoyed our success will hopefully take our lean patch as well accordingly. We have made some mistakes throughout the tournament but still there is so much to learn from every defeat we have had. I hope all the players will realize their mistakes and learn from the tournament for the good of Nepal cricket.


Q. Is the expectation back home giving the team too much pressure? 

PARAS:- We are used to it and we know the expectations are high. We are sorry for not being able to meet the expectations of the fans. In some sense it does create pressure but we are trying our best to get back to winning ways. But for one thing we all need to understand our role and carry it out in a more responsible manner. Again everyone is pushing for it but sometimes it does not happen your way.



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