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The future could be the present for Nepal

Nepal has seen multiple tournaments, in the national front. Not counting the much-hyped SPA Cup as it is done by a private body, the national tournament organised by the Cricket Association of Nepal so far has yielded nothing much.



It happens to every cricketer in the world when the dreams are shattered and only hopes remain. A hope to force his way into the national fold, a hope that would require a platform to get materialised. Cricketers from the Test playing countries get ample of opportunities, the platforms are laid for them and its only about punching the best show.


But for Nepali cricketers for whom getting inside the top 30, or get called in the closed-camp, has been a far-fetched dream, there are only two options: Either you prove yourself a prodigy or pack your bags and get the bus back to home and return next year to exhibit your talent in yet another despair.


Rest of the year, that cricketer rules his locality and displays his best among young dreamers, earns all respect he deserves suppressing the bitter reality of not having a room to hope. This has been the story of every Nepali cricketer who has been the victim of a poor domestic structure.


From an organisation that just crawls, promises of a building a house at the moon overnight is a sure shot invitation to a widespread cynicism. So CAN has not promised anything big so far because it is battling with the conditions of volatility itself. Its relationship with the government – Youth and Sports Ministry – is strenuous and smooth functioning of all the plans that now includes the infrastructure challenges and a lengthy domestic structure is are the added challenges.


Under such apprehensive circumstances, CAN recently announced to break the stereotypes of picking up players merely by their performance in the National Tournament is something that every cricketer would count for.


The upcoming National One Day Tournament, which will also serve as a selection for the upcoming matches under the World Cricket League Championship, will be hosted in a conventional pattern: the winners will get the cash prizes and the best individuals will be honoured. But it is not going to be the end of the story.


The One Day Tournament will be followed by a selection of 50 best cricketers who will then be divided into four teams. One of them would be an U-19 squad. The four teams will then lock horns for a double round robin league, meaning each team will get to play six league matches. After playing the Nationals, it is certainly going to be a huge amount of cricket for those who will get selected.


Although, the succeeding tournament will not hold significance in terms of prize money or trophy, it opens up the ideas that could be a breakthrough for Nepali domestic structure. Nepal will get enlightened with the pool of talents they have and prepare a back-up plan for the current national team that has brought home all the glories.


While the pool of those selected for the national fold will carry on with the international tournaments, those ignored need to be given proper grooming – either at home or through an international exposure. If all these process takes time, its never late for Nepal to form an ‘A’ team promptly after the Nationals to ensure the future is the present for Nepal.

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