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The anxious wait is finally over

Just a year back, Nepali cricket lovers and fans frequently asked and shared this question: “When will that day come when we get to watch our national cricket team play at a jam packed stadium in Star Sports?”


We are just few hours away from having that question answered with the boys in blue and red in action at the most thrilling version of cricket. Everything will be a moment of our lifetime when world sports’ most popular channel Star Sports broadcast the Nepali cricketers live on our TV sets.


The replays are going to be exciting, the sixes will fly miles away into the sky like a fighter plane and the rattling of stumps will play a bass pounding into the hearts from a 1000 watt speaker with a dolby digital sound. A great feeling you can go through when you turn away from your TV sets to give a high-five for a wicket that seamer Som Pal Kami had just taken.


You move one step ahead to glory with sheer patriotism when the cameras zoom at the national flag bringing all the Nepalese under one single entity. Skipper Paras Khadka told reporters that this should not be our first and last World Cup before leaving for the World Twenty20 journey, and it should not be. He said this moment of glory has been achieved by a hard work of more than decades.


Nepal now needs to carry on this momentum to create more pictures like these. But for the time being, Nepal will enjoy what it previously never did. Every minute details relating to Nepal will be a huge cheer even when the moment doesn’t go to the team’s favour.


Just imagine the feeling when Binod Bhandari’s bails dancing in the air after he is bowled by once world’s No 1 all rounder and Bangladeshi former skipper Shakib-Al-Hassan.


No Nepali would let the excitement go away when Basanta Regmi’s leg before wicket decision against Mushfiqur Rahim is justified by hawk eye followed by a ‘tick’ sound, Lucky us.


For those enjoying Nepal right from the venue will go wild within their own feeling and those in front of TV sets will cherish the moments even better. Thank god the anxious wait is finally over.

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