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Shanti Choudhary takes a second hat-trick in women’s National

The process of making National records in Senior Women’s cricket tournament is going on Sunday also.


In the match between Region No. 8 Pokhara and Region No. 7 Janakpur Shanti Choudhary became the second player to take a hat-trick in National Cricket.


Spinner Choudhary took the hat-trick in the 23rd over of the match. Choudhary took the wicket of Prabha Nepali in the first ball while Sabita Gaudel was out in the second ball. Likewise she completed her hat-trick taking the wicket of Rejika  Bhandari in the third ball of the over.


Sarita Magar of APF Club is the first lady cricket player to take a hat-trick. Magar took hat-trick against Region No. 8 Pokhara during National Cricket Tournament in the year 2069. 

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