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Secretary’s resignation exposes crisis in cricket governing body

The Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) Secretary Ashok Nath Pyakuryal resigned on Wednesday, a move suggesting all is not well inside the cricket governing body.

Pyakuryal and vice-president Raju Babu Shrestha announced their resignation through a lengthy press conference claiming they didn’t have any grievances and were now making way for new voices to come in the cricket administration.

Their move comes at a time when CAN is still under partial suspension receiving controlled funding from the International Cricket Council (ICC). Both still have two years left in their four-year tenure.

“People imagine a lot and that is the reason why they think there is division and infighting in the cricket association. These things are way beyond my imagination. We never came to CAN for this,” said Pyakuryal.

But Pyakuryal’s claims seemed baseless. His President Chatur Bahadur Chand didn’t know the secretary was resigning.

“I came to know through media that the secretary has resigned,” Chand told over phone from his hometown Baitadi. “I heard he (Pyakuryal) had called a press conference. I had a brief chat over phone and he told me that he was tabling developments from the last two years. That was all.”

In a 55-minute press conference largely dictated by the secretary, Pyakuryal refrained from talking about the current state within the cricket administration.

“We were determined to bail CAN out from a vulnerable state and that mission was accomplished. Its time for us to step down from CAN to make space for grooming new leaders. At one stage we worked being a focal point of Nepali cricket in a dire situation. With the same spirit, I think we must make ways for new ideas as demanded by CAN, Pyakuryal added.

While Pyakuryal’s speech clearly indicated CAN was lacking ideas, few officials from the cricket governing body have long been complaining of division.

“There is no unison whenever the central committee meets. There are people multiple interest creating chaos. They are never on the same page and this is one of the reasons why there are deadlocks,” one official said under conditions of anonymity.

Chand has his own claims. “It is obvious that when you have different voices, there will be disagreements. But this doesn’t mean there is infighting or we are divided,” the president said.

Pyakuryal, who often choses to remain diplomatic rather than being straight forward while appearing before the press, was repeatedly asked if he had resigned to evade the problems within CAN. But the stubborn secretary remained at his usual best.

But if their resignation came out of their own will, why was the president kept under dark?

The departure of Pyakuryal, however, is certain to create more problems for Chand leadership.

Pyakuryal has been at the centre of CAN’s relation with international bodies. He is also the development committee member of the Asian Cricket Council. The entire correspondence with these bodies have been controlled by Pyakuryal. Anyone coming new will have a tough time dealing with his business.

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