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Rs 1.5m insurance policy for cricketers

National Life Insurance Company Limited on Wednesday feted 20 national team cricketers with Rs 1.5 million insurance each.


A one million rupees life insurance policy along with Rs 500,000 accident policy has been given to the cricketers for the next three years. The cricketers included the national team members that played the ICC World Twenty20 Qualifiers and ICC World Cricket League Division-III.


Skipper Paras Khadka, Gyanendra Malla, Sharad Vesawkar, Subash Khakurel, Binod Bhandari, Pradeep Airee, Prithu Baskota, Sanjam Regmi, Basanta Regmi, Chandra Saud, Naresh Budhayer, Amrit Bhattarai, Rahul Kumar BK, Anil Mandal and Shakti Gauchan were the part of the team that won the Division-III in May in Bermuda. 


Avinash Karn, Jitendra Mukhiya, Sagar Pun and Mahesh Chhetri were added to the squad for the ICC World Twenty20 Qualifiers, while Sanjam, Chandra, Naresh and Prithu were excluded. The company will pay the premium of the cricketers for the next three years. 


Company CEO Bhata Basnet said the accident insurance will also cover the injury sustained during the game or training. The company also made Paras as its brand ambassador for the next two years. Coach Pubudu Dassanayake was also honoured during the occasion.  


During the programme, National Life President Prema Singh lauded the contribution of the national team.

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