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It all started from September’s ICC World Cricket League Division-IV tournament in Malaysia in 2012 when national team picked up “RATO RA CHANDRA SURYA” as the team’s victory song. Missing “RATO RA CHANDRA SURYA”

The song creates an imagery of the national flag and Nepalese can easily visualize the sun and the moon in a red backdrop of the triangular and unique Nepali flag. One filled with utter patriotism is bound to get shiver down the spine when the song is played and when it comes to Nepali cricket and the team is winning, this is the best feeling you can get.

A mobile clip of the Nepali team singing their victory song after winning the Division-IV title in Malaysia got viral on facebook and twitter with the song itself becoming a new theme in Nepal’s victory. The song vibrated throughout when Nepal won the ACC Trophy Elite in October, entered the ACC Twenty20 Cup semi-final in April last year followed by the triumphant Division-III campaign in Bermuda in May. The RATO RA CHANDRA SURYA was sung at its best and it got very much vibrant when Nepal qualified for the 2014 ICC World Twenty20 in Dubai through the Qualifiers. And everyone was eager to hear the song from our heroes when they were in New Zealand for 50-over World Cup Qualifiers but Nepal rarely got the chance to sing it again.

Coach Pubudu Dassanayake, who actually had wanted his team to sing one victory song after the team’s win, is the one who has missed that victory song the most along with the entire team. Nepal is now competing in the biggest sporting event of their history, the World Twenty20 in Bangladesh and Dassanayake wants that song to be sung again.

“We had a victory song and wanted to hear that in New Zealand as well but unfortunately we were unable to sing it,” said Dassanayake as Nepal lost five straight matches in the Qualifiers before signing off from the tournament with a victory against Uganda in the ninth place playoff.

“We are very much eager to sing that song again and if we can do that in Bangladesh then definitely that would be the greatest feeling for us,” said Dassanayake. Nepal’s disappointing New Zealand campaign is hardly a chapter that anyone loving Nepali cricket would like to remember.

Singing the victory song in New Zealand remained a dream for Nepal and when the team returned with victory over Uganda, the entire team had gone off-tune. “We sang it when we defeated Uganda but everyone was rusty,” said the coach.

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