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Paras Khadka is an ‘intelligent player’: Nabin K Bhattrai

One of the famous singers of the country, Nabin K Bhattarai described national cricket team captain Paras Khadka as an “intelligent player”.

Speaking with cricketingnepal, Bhattarai believed that a captain under whom Nepali cricket has excelled and reached new heights has to be an intelligent player.

“I think Paras is an intelligent player. It is not easy to lead any team but Paras is doing it in the perfect way. You really need to be intelligent to apply bowlers according to the situation of the game,” said Bhattarai.

“Under the captaincy of Paras, Nepal is doing really well. In a short span of time, Nepal were able to reach the World Cup and make the whole world know about our country and its cricket.”

Bhattarai also revealed that he used to play cricket around his house along with former national team opening batsman Paresh Lohani during their childhood.

He also said that he has not watched any game of Nepal either live or in television but used to watch club football games. “I am quite busy with my own stuffs so I have not watched any of the game played by Nepal or Nepali players,” said Bhattarai.

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