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No one has pressurized me for not playing in ACPL: Bhupendra Thapa

After the launching of the Asian Premier League T20 (APL
, it has been surrounded by controversies after the national cricket
players confirmed they were not participating in the tournament
. The organizers held the auction where four Nepali cricketers, not from the national fold, were

Dang and former Mid-western Region batsman Bhupendra Thapa
was the most expensive player among the four cricketers who was sold for Nepal
He was bought for the franchise for an amount of INR 100,000.

Raj Shahi, Amar Singh Routela and Rajbir Singh were also bought by Nepal Storms
while former national team opener Paresh Lohani was drafted as Iconic player.

As the opening match between Nepal Strom and
Dubai Warrior was postponed citing technical reasons
, we got the opportunity to
sit and have a talk with Bhupendra. Here is what he has to say about the tournament:

How much are you excited for this tournament?

I am very much. We can see many former and current senior
players of different countries playing from different teams. This gives us a
perfect platform to learn a lot of things. Apart from this, the tournament is
pretty big, so we all are excited to be a part of it.

How did you get
connected with this tournament?

To be honest, I played the IPCL in Ahmedabad in 2014 and
managed to perform well in that tournament. The organizers were impressed by my
performance. The IPCL organisers had connections with ACPL organizing company
and that was how I got connected to this event.

It is said that the registration
form for the ACPL auction had opened six months ago. Did you fill the form by
paying $100?

Yes. I had filled the form paying 100 dollars after it had
opened. We registered ourselves for auction in May.

Did other players
fill the form after getting information from you?

Yes. All the three other players registered themselves for
the tournament through me. I had also informed our senior national players
about the tournament. They had told me that there is not sufficient information
about the organisers so this might be the reason why they were not interested
in this event.

What was the reaction
from national team players?

As they wanted this tournament to come through an official
medium, they were a bit skeptic about it. Registering the form paying a bill of
$100 might be another reason for not showing up in the tournament because we
are not used to paying that big amount to play any single tournament.

After the tournament was
officially announced in Nepal, it has been surrounded by controversies. How is
your relation with the organizers?

Actually, I do not know much about the organizers. I got information
about this tournament and organizers from my friends of IPCL. My aim is to play
for Nepal one day. I thought this tournament will benefit me in instilling more
confidence in me, give me match experience and exposure.

How long did you
prepare for this tournament?

I have done two weeks preparations for this tournament.
Apart from the net sessions, I had worked for fitness and meditation work.

Did you get any pressure
for not playing this tournament?

No. Not at all. I have not got any message or phone calls
that prevented me from playing in this tournament. Neither a single member of
Nepali cricket, senior players or coaches has pressurized me for not playing
this tournament. No one has asked me why you joined this tournament or why you
are playing this tournament.

How did you know that
you were sold during the auction?

I got this information from media after the organizers flashed about me being sold out for Nepal Storms. 

Check out Bhupendra’s video interview


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