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New bowling machine sharpening boys

Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) recently bought a new bowling machine for the national team which is preparing for the ICC World Twenty20 and ICC Cricket World Cup Qualifiers.


Named Jugs Bowling Machine, the equipment has been helping the batsmen to make adjustment in various range of bowling styles. Manufactured in the United States of America, Jugs Bowling Machine is the latest in the market and is very much updated in terms of technology. 


CAN brought the bowling machine from Mumbai’s SASA Sports — a company owned by Indian batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar — paying INR 290,000. The machine is widely used by different Test playing nations. 


The speed in the bowling machine varies from 32kmph to 167kmph and has the ability to deliver various bowling styles ranging from inswing, outswing, off spin and leg spin. Coach Jagag Tamatta — who order the machine from Mumbai — said the machine is very much useful for Nepali cricketers. 


“This machine is more helpful to our boys. We can help them to practice in different bowling styles. Our boys did’t have much more practice of playing inswinger and outswinger. This will help them to adjust and make even more confident in playing shots,” said Tamatta adding the newly-bought machine is far better compared to the previous one used.


“We are currently playing in a 60kmph speed and after the ball is pitched, it skids very fast generating more pace coming into the bat. The previous machine didn’t have this pace,” Tamatta added.


With Australian batting coach Chris Harris around, Tamatta said it was perfect time to bring the machine in Nepal. “The machine helped Harris to not only instill in our boys the batting techniques but also enable them to play variation of shots in different bowling styles,” said Tamatta. 


“Because of this machine players can get the adjustment of playing different range of shots. We have been working hard targetting the Qualifiers and a batting practice of one hour should be enough in this machine,” concluded the coach.

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