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Nepal’s SA tour in danger, no visa so far

Nepal’s ICC World Cricket League Division-II preparation tour for South Africa has been jeopardised after the Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) failed to get hold of visa from South African Embassy in Sri Lanka.


Although no confirmation has come forward from the cricket governing body, a late application at the SA Embassy in Sri Lanka for the visa is said to be the main reason for CAN’s failure to get hold of the visas on time.


Nepal were scheduled for a January 1 departure from Kathmandu to South Africa but since CAN representative in Sri Lanka has not been granted the visa until Tuesday, Nepal’s second phase of preparation for one of the most important tournaments in their cricket history has been seriously affected.


The South African Embassy in Sri Lanka will remain closed until January 4 due to New Year celebrations. According to a source, CAN had applied for the visa on December 22. The visa was applied at a time when the South African Embassy was about to closed due to Christmas celebrations.


The South African Embassy at the earliest will now grant the visa on January 5 but Nepali squad supposedly travelling on January 6 or 7.


Nepal’s SA tour was set for January 3-13 where they had planned for four practice matches against the semi-professional teams of Benoni apart from undergoing extended practice sessions.


With the original schedule now certain to be cut off, Nepal will have a shortened tour if they leave for South Africa late than the scheduled time.

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