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Nepali youngsters want visionary leaders like in the national cricket team

KATHMANDU, Dec. 5 (Xinhua)

 Nepal’s qualification in the ICC Twenty20 World Cup in Bangladesh next year has built an air of optimism in country as youngsters wonder what the country can achieve with good leadership and unity. 


Nepal’s cricket team captain Parash Khadka broke down in tears on Tuesday when the government honored the entire team with a cash prize of Rs. 1 million (US $ 10,000) each for their berth in the World Cup that came in Dubai last week after a win against Hong Kong. 


Khadka later told reporters: “If one man’s ( Pubudu Dassanayake), Nepal’s Sri Lankan cricket coach, vision and leadership can bring in such joy to the entire nation, imagine what we can achieve working together in unison.” 


Khadka’s words have spread like wild fire among the youngsters in the Himalayan nation where lack of political unity and consensus among various political parties has ruined the country’s economy, depriving its citizen from basic needs such as water and electricity. 


Power shortage is at its peak, with the country force do without electricity for at least five hours every day. Water shortages and unemployment are other alarming issues here. 


Immediately after Khadka’s statement hit the airwaves and the ether, hundreds of Facebook and Twitters users borrowed his lines to vent their frustration over the ineffective leadership of the politicians. The two mediums of social media have become a platform for the youngsters to present their opinion. 


Some have opined that the leadership should now be handed over to the younger generation as the older batch of leaders have time and again failed to deliver, while some want the politicians to join Facebook just to get a better idea of how to run the country as various opinions flow every minute from the thousands of user in the world’s largest networking site.



One Facebook user, Amrit Shrestha, wants the current cricket team to take charge of the country’s administration.  


On Wednesday, hundreds of cricket fans joined the national team in its victory parade around the Capital. The fans chanted slogans, hailing the team for its victory and demand proper infrastructure to develop the game.Nepal currently has only cricket stadium that meets the minimum international standards. 


Karna Gurung was among the hundreds of supporters in the victory parade. He told Xinhua that the government should leave no stone unturned to develop cricket in Nepal because the players have proven that they are competitive.


The government has realized that the sport can do the country proud as it has assured all the necessary facilities to the team for their World Cup preparations. Member Secretary of the National Sports Council Yubaraj Lama said a technical committee will work alongside coach Dassanayake to find out all that needs to be done to facilitate Nepal’s preparations for the 2014 T20 World Cup scheduled to take place from March 16 to April 6. 


Dassanayake is largely credited for the rise of the team since taking over the helm from fellow Sri Lankan Roy Luke Dias in 2011. 

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