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Nepali cricket’s supreme body is poor in grammar and we are ‘astound’

The official Facebook account of Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) indicates that it is a government organisation. It has half a million followers and on another social media platform, Twitter, the official account has 73k followers.

Almost 24 hours after Nepal heard the news of the resignation of coach Dave Whatmore, the official pages of CAN are still ‘astound’.

Yes ‘astound’.

The official social media accounts of CAN have not cared about the wrong form of verb that they are using. They are still ‘astound’ by the sudden resignation of Whatmore.

The supreme body of Nepal posted: “Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) is astound by the sudden resignation of our Coach, Dav Whatmore.”

“He has resigned to be effective immediately after the Oman tour citing his personal reasons. He had signed a one year contract with CAN at the beginning of the year.”

Yes. But wait. It is still ‘astound’ by the news of it. But there is grammar.

There is grammar which says the past form of ‘astound’ is ‘astounded’. The post needed to indicate “Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) is ‘astounded’ by the sudden resignation of our Coach, Dav Whatmore”.

But even a day after that post, CAN would not care. And we are ‘astound’.

CAN has Cricket Manager in Binod Das, who is an MBA. And there is General Manager in Raunaq Bahadur Malla who holds the same degree.

And then there is Ashok Nath Pyakuryal, who is an academician. But still CAN remains ‘astound’ by the sudden resignation of its coach through social media platforms.

The mistake is minor. A typo ?

But why is that typo not corrected over a day?

Its simple.

CAN is simply an organisation unaware of basic English. And so is its entire working committee. It, however, is not the only reason why CAN is still ‘astound’ by Whatmore’s sudden resignation.

CAN is an organisation in tatters. Its each and every single individual is only focused on its own survival. And anyone except the afore mentioned individuals don’t have any idea of what its social media handles posted.

CAN is simply ‘astound’. Let it remain ‘astound’.

Yes we are ‘astound’ too.
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