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Nepalese fans celebrate World T20 qualification

As Nepal celebrated its first ever qualification to the ICC World Twenty20, Nepali fans across the globe were overjoyed by their team’s progress. After surviving a one-run thriller against Hong Kong in their playoff match of the ICC World Twenty20 Qualifiers at the Sheikh Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi, we are bringing you that moment of bliss in all Nepali cricket lovers’ from their own words.


Rajendra Pyakurel 

The day with complete package of fear, anxiety, hope, glory and eventually heavenly bliss…


Santosh Kumar Yadav 

Like that I am at the top of the world 

Karna Suman 

Its not only time of celebration This is time to learn lesson of nationality nd be progressive in future 

Aarya Kancha 

I feel proud for my nation to have platform for world in its history and making da whole world to know da color of nepal…just no words just wanna praise hail hail hail…..


Raaz Sur 

My eyes were filled with tears of happiness when last run was taken..never felt happier than that moment before..i love nepalese cricket team.

Sarang Shrestha 

Obviously it was the breathe taking match,at last over i crossed my finger 4 d victory of nepal n dey did


Kalyan Sapkota

Yesterday when Nepal was playing we were in India Haridwar…and we were checking score time by time from net..we were 11 boys at the moment when Nepal qualified we were in tempo..we went crazy nd screamed from tempo Nepa..Nepal..Nepal…nd we said 2 tht Indian driver also that we qualified nd we were happy.


PraZz Ain’t Mhjn 

Nepal qualify bhako khusi laagyo ekdamai


Pradeep Alotsnab 

I was very excited and happy… cngrx to all Nepalese


Manu Qaurkey

The feeling dat unites all da nepalese!!!


Ishu Shrestha 

It was really great feeling, top of the world!! God bless them and congratulation and ya of course all the very bst!!


Sushant Mishra 

My fingers were crossed during the last over but suddenly when the first two balls went for the boundary then I was feeling like I am at the top of this world ….then after when the last ball was being balled then my heart speed was 200 beats/second …. And when I finally knew that Nepal won then I cant control myself , I just jumped and celebrated the victory , I was so crazy that time ….. Now best of luck to Nepali team for next game.


Manoj Joshi 

When nepal won the match against hongkong. At that time I was really excited. I started to dance in my own room and hooting 4 nepal. Really at that time my joy had no limit.


Poudel Chhabi 

Nepalese know only to comment what other do. They cant do themself so its an example.. feels proud to be selected for World Cup…lets all we people uplift our country frm our own talent nd skill… cmon Nepal nd Nepalese people…


Barca Boy B Vek

Yesterday after that crucial victory I thought that I am at the top of the world and now I can say infront of whole world that I am die hard fan of #nct and am proud of it!!

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