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Nepal U19 VS Singapore U19 head to head

Nepal U19 will
meet host team Singapore as they will play the opening match of ICC U19 World
Cup Qualifiers, Asia Region at Singapore Cricket Club, Padang on Monday.

Nepal U19
and Singapore U19 have five matches so far in U19 level where Nepal is heavyweights.
Out of five meetings Nepal has won four matches while one matches ended without
result as rain halted the match.


first match in U19 level against Singapore was back in 1999 during the Youth
Asia Cup. Nepal restricted Singapore U19 in 70 runs in 35.1 overs. But as Nepal
U19 made 26 runs in 5 overs there was rain which ended the match without


In the next
meeting in 2003 in Youth Asia Cup Nepal defeated Singapore by a huge margin of 143.
Likewise, in the quarter final of the ACC U19 Cup in 2005 Nepal again defeated Singapore
by a huge margin of 100 runs. Nepal then defeated Singapore back in 2007 during ACC U19 Elite Cup by seven wickets.

Last encounter between Nepal and Singapore in U19 level was back in 2009 where Nepal won the match by three wickets during ACC U19 Elite Cup. 


Youth Asia

6th July

U19   –              70
runs all out in 35.1 overs

Nepal U19           –              26
runs for 1 in 5 overs

Match ended
with no result


Youth Asia

22nd July

Nepal U19           –              202
runs for 8 wickets in 50 overs

U19   –              59
runs all out in 45.1 overs

Nepal U19
won the match by 143 runs


ACC U19 Cup

November 2005

Nepal U19           –              223
runs for 9 wickets in 50 overs

U19   –              123
runs all out in 44.4 overs

Nepal U19
won the match by 100 runs


Elite Cup

20th August 2007

U19   –              107
runs all out in 40.2 overs

Nepal U19           –              108
runs for 3 wickets in 20.4 overs

Nepal U19
won the match by 7 wickets

AC U19 Elite

25th April

U19 –                                171
runs all out in 49.5 overs

Nepal U19           –              172
for 7 wickets in 44.5 overs

Nepal U19
won the match by 3 wickets

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