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National team threatens to quit cricket if CAN officials don’t resign

The Nepali national cricket team that recently created history by participating in the ICC World Twenty20, have vehemently demanded a new management in the sport or else they will stop taking on the field.


Showing strong dissatisfaction over the working ways of CAN, the cricketers — lauded by the world for their impressive display in the World Twenty20 — demanded resignation of all 31 members of the CAN. 


“We will not return to cricket field unless the CAN officials resign and a new management comes in,” said Paras — the man whose leadership has been exemplary in the Nepal cricket on or off the field. 


“The current committee is not capable of running cricket in Nepal and if Nepali cricket dreams to go into a better level after the new beginning it has seen after World Twenty20 participation, a new management needs to come in,” he said. 


“Fighting for a better system, truth and governance ..!! 


Jai Nepal…!”


A facebook status from the outspoken skipper of the national team read soon after the conclusion of the press conference called on by the national team — just two days after the only annual programme of the cricket governing body began in Kathmandu and Pokhara.


The national team was dissatisfied over the unpaid allowance after the ICC World Twenty20 Qualifiers that took place in November last year. “We have not been paid anything for the last three tournaments we have participated in,” said Paras.


“We had a meeting with all CAN officials 12 days back but they have not responded anything at all saying they will come up with solutions,” said Paras. 


Unpaid allowances are only one of the few issues, however, for the national team. Paras said the International Cricket Council (ICC) had verbally promised Nepal to give $100,000 of which the CAN officials said they are completely unaware and throwing back the question to players: Really? We didn’t know that.


In a recent press conference to announce the National Tournament details, CAN General Secretary Ashok Nath Pyakurel have said they are planning certain contract-kind system for national players from the amount that was sent for the High Performance Programme by the ICC.

“We and coach (Pubudu Dassanayake) set up a contract plan for 25 to 30 players for the next two years from the amount set aside for cricketers but they (CAN officials) said: ‘We have no idea.'”


According to the Nepali skipper, the ICC had sent $50,000 after Nepal qualified for the World Cup and another $50,000 has been promised for the Nepali players following their performance in the ICC World Twenty20.


Paras also called on the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) to intervene into the financial matters of the CAN. “So many funds have been provided by the ACC and ICC to they always say they have no money. Their financial undertakings need to be investigated,” Paras said.


Apart from the two above issues, there was a long list of demands beginning with the training ground condition, treatment of national team member Prithu Baskota, a lop-sided agreement with kit sponsors BS Sports, $84,000, condition of Mulpani grounds, basics need to include in regular training and matches.


The recent outburst from the national team is just an example. For several times in the past, Paras has often criticized CAN for being indifferent towards cricket and its development. 

Cricket has become the most popular sport in the country after Nepal grabbed the attention in front of the global stage following their disciplined and spirited performance in the World Twenty20. 


The government itself has shown its interest in the game and has already promised several plans for Nepali cricket. A recent example was the inclusion of construction of an international standard stadium in its Common Minimum Program.



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