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Most wickets in an innings

Left arm spinner Basanta Regmi is at the top of the list of most wicket taker bowler in an innings. Basanta had picked up 4-16 against the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the third place playoff match of the 2012 ICC World Twenty20 Qualifiers.


Another veteran left arm spinner Shakti Gauchan has also taken four wickets but Basanta pushed him back in the table conceding four runs more than what Basanta did. Shakti picked up 4-20 against Denmarak including a hat-trick in the 2012 edition of ICC World Twenty20 Qualifiers.


Forgotten right-arm fast bowler Chandra Sawad is third in the table with 4-24 which he did against Hong Kong during the 2012 Qualifiers.


Most wickets in an Innings in T20 World Cup Qualifiers


Bashant Regmi                  VS UAE                   4 for 16                November 30, 2013


Shakti Gauchan                 VS Denmark            4 for 20                 March 14, 2012


Chandra Swad                   VS Hong Kong         4 for 24                 March 13, 2012


Bashant Regmi                  VS Netherlands        3 for 12                 November 20, 2013


Shakti Gauchan                 VS Bermuda            3 for 17                 March 18, 2012


Bashant Regmi                  VS Kenya                3 for 23                 March 22, 2012


Jitendra Mukhiya               VS Bermuda             3 for 25                 November 23, 2013


Chandra Swad                  VS Afghanistan         3 for 30                 March 16, 2012


Jitendra Mukhiya               VS Hong Kong          3 for 32                 November 27, 2013


Bashant Regmi                 VS Netherlands         3 for 32                 March 19, 2012

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