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Marquee players and their opinions

EPL Pvt Ltd on Friday unveiled the teams, owners and marquee players for the Everest Premier League Twenty20 cricket tournament slated for December. Except for Dipendra Singh Airee, all the marquee players and their owners were presented to the media in a very colourful ceremony. Here is what the marquee players have to say about the tournament:

Paras Khadka (Marquee Player: Biratnagar Warriors)

Its about time we capitalise in the on-field performance. Twenty20 cricket is probably going to take over all formats and EPL is going to be very exciting. We can add up more excitement if we get to board some big names from international cricket. Additionally, to play in the environment that EPL creates is a big thing, especially for the players who have not been in national team and have played for lengthy years of domestic cricket.

Gyanendra Malla (Marquee Player: Lalitpur Patriots)

Cricket has been needing investment and the overall idea of EPL is definitely going to help the game in the country. If more corporate houses can come forward to invest in other field of sports as well, Nepali sport will certainly head into the right track. We have our academy (Kathmandu Cricket Training Centre) in Lalitpur and playing for the city will give us more belongingness.

Sompal Kami (Marquee Player: Kathmandu Kings XI)

I am happy that I am playing for Kathmandu because it is the place from where I started my career with Nepali cricket. Being a marquee player has given me a great feeling. When I got the call that I was going to be a marquee player with Kathmandu, I promptly called Paras Dai (Paras Khadka) and asked: ‘Am I really going to be a marquee player’ and he said: ‘Yes’. Its really a great feeling for me.

Sharad Vesawkar (Marquee Player: Bhairahawa Gladiators)

The atmosphere that is created today itself suggests the magnitude of the tournament. We as players are here to entertain and we are very happy that this kind of tournament has come forward to bring in more professionalism in Nepali cricket. We are looking forward to seeing some international players.

Shakti Gauchan (Marquee Player: Pokhara Rhinos)

Playing for Pokhara for the first time is going to give me a unique feeling. We are expecting a different kind of tournament. Ultimately, this tournament is going to help us identify upcoming cricketers who can go on and play for the senior Nepali team in the future.

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