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Let’s bleed blue Nepal

Patriotism will strike every Nepalese across the globe when the national cricket team will land at the Zahur Ahmed Chaudhary Stadium in Chittagong with the emblem of the national flag for the ICC World Twenty20.


Even biggest it will be when the national flag and the name “NEPAL” are seen in front of our TV sets in one of the most watched sports channel STAR Sports. Everything will seem big.


A big event, big stage and the greatest of all, a bigger picture of Nepal. A pride for every Nepalese who should be thanking the game of cricket for establishing the country in the global world.


Those enjoying the live action from the ground will probably give their everything to cheer up the Nepali team and what about those miles away back home? An initiation has been taken to motivate national team and celebrate country’s historic participation in their first ever World Twenty20.


Prominent figures from various walks of life have called on Nepal to paint it blue by wearing the national team jersey when the national team is on the ground.


Actor Madan Krishna Shrestha was one of the prominent figures who decided to paint him blue with national team jersey and he has a reason to celebrate. “There was a time when there has been no excitement. But cricket has brought the excitement back and we need to pay them back for the achievement,” said the veteran actor as his performing partner Hari Bansha Acharya joined hands in the campaign.


“Support has divine power and if all the Nepalese show the support by wearing the national team jersey then that would be the greatest thing we could do for them,” said Shrestha.


Acharya was always ready to spice up his thoughts with the comic essence. “I will wear the jersey a day prior to the game and sleep wearing it so that I can see the dream of our team winning,” the room ignited with laugh bursting out all around. The Maha duo were not the only prominent figures to promote the campaign and calling on Nepal to go blue.


Banker Anil Shah, actors Richa Sharma, Priyanka Karki, Dayahang Rai, Karma Shakya, Raymon Das Shrestha, singer Hemant Rana, footbllers Anil Gurung and Sandip Rai and media entrepreneurs among others.

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