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Let the boys get more exposed

Things have been never so clear for us. Never in the past. And here we are in the threshold of history. A history which could only be written on our own. A history beckons.


National team went for a reality check in the ACC Emerging Teams Cup and thanks largely to all the teams that defeated Nepal, we got a chance to see where things were going wrong and the time has now come to rectify them.


For those who have been with Nepali cricket for a long time, one statement from coach Pubudu Dassanayake is surely going to pull everyone’s attention. 


“The issue with our middle order is that we have been playing lower level teams from Division-V to Division-III and the quality of cricket we played for the last one and half month was very high. They faced the bowlers who were pretty difficult to be dealth with. The middle order is surely going to take some time.”


Dassanayake had given the above statement about the failure of his middle order after Nepal returned from the Emerging Teams Cup in Singapore. It might be hurting but the middle order completely flopped under difficult conditions in Singapore. 


Skipper Paras Khadka — who made 60 runs against Afghanistan — led the midle order scorer’s list with 73 runs, while Sagar Pun — who actually left for Singapore as a frontline spinner and made a half century against India — is up next with 58. Gyanendra Malla and Sharad Vesawkar — considered the most technical batsmen in the team — made just 86 runs between them from three matches.


Nepal will not get the conditions similar to Singapore during the ICC World Twenty20 Qualifiers in UAE and 50-over World Cup Qualifiers in New Zealand but the level is certainly going to be high when teams from Associate world will fancy a chance in the World Cups with their best preparations. 


Ireland, the Netherlands, Afghanistan, Scotland, UAE, Canada, Kenya, Namibia have been playing in the ICC World Cricket League Championship for the last four years and the first challenge for Nepal is to go par them in terms of experience.


Taking the team to Sri Lanka for a practice tour was appreciating. The tour gave Nepal a perfect warm up and of course a big exposure for youngsters Sagar Pun, Avinash Karn and Ramnaresh Giri. The latter didn’t get a match in Singapore but Sagar and Avinash delivered in their debut with the performance that emulated their seniors.


The need for the next two months is more exposure which can shape the team in a perfect way for the two big Qualifiers. Nepali boys were exposed in front of the quality bowling and batting in Singapore and Sri Lanka and they know what are their areas to work on.


The onus will now be on the cricket governing body to lay them a platform where every mistakes could be rectified and strength is multiplied. Nepal want their cricketers to go abroad and play more.

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