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KCM planning big in cricket

Can you imagine Asian archrivals India and Pakistan battle at our own Tribhuvan University Stadium in near future.

Of course you can if its only about imagining.

But your imagination could come to life if everything goes as planned by what currently is only known as a private firm called Kathmandu Cricket Management (KCM). Few months ago KCM signed a deal with the Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN).

It so far is looking as a deal that is yet to be made public in details except for a two-lined and 150-worded press release from the cricket governing body. But a source from KCM has told English daily The Himalayan Times that KCM is looking forward to give an international shape to the TU Stadium so that it will be able to host high profile matches in near future.

“The idea is to given an international shape and look to the TU Stadium so that it could be able to host big matches. Nepali cricket lovers’ desire to watch the Test playing nations duel in front of them is close to get fulfilled,” The Himalayan Times quoted the source as saying in its Saturday edition. 

According to the daily newspaper, CAN and KCM will share 50 per cent of the profit amount that comes from any programme hosted by the latter. Since, both parties have already signed an agreement, KCM is believed to have taken over the management of the TU grounds.

With the private company planning to continue with its project inside a three-month of time, the TU Stadium will see a well-managed sitting arrangement for the crowd, reconstruction of the pavilion and maintenance of the ground and pitches. The newspaper writes KCM has already moved forward to hiring international curators. 

Though CAN is yet to divulge on the fiancial part of the deal, the newspaper has learnt that KCM is providing the cricket governing body with an advance payment of three million rupees up front. The deal could be a huge achievement for Nepali cricket if the works go according to KCM plans. The deal also comes three months after the CAN signed an agreement with NRN UAE for the construction of an indoor practice facility at the Mulpani Cricket Academy.

While the deal will ease CAN’s problem of managing thousands of crowd at the TU Stadium during international matches, it will also enable the cricket governing body to focus on the Mulpani Cricket Academy grounds which is a yet to be finished project.

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