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India number one team in ODI

As home team white-washed he five One Day International series against Sri Lanka, India reached to the number one spot in ICC ODI ranking. After losing the series against India, Sri Lanka slipped to number fourth position.


India is on the top of the table with 117 points while number two team South Africa has 114 points and Australia who is in third position has 114 points. As five match ODI series between Australia and South Africa is going on both of them has chance to be the number one ODI team.


Here is the list of ODI ranking


1          India                117     

 2          South Africa      115     

3          Australia           114     

4          Sri Lanka          108     

5          England            107     

6          Pakistan           98       

7          New Zealand   96       

8          West Indies     96       

9          Bangladesh      69       

10        Zimbabwe       58       

11        Afghanistan     42       

12        Ireland             33

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