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ICC to begin with setting up an advisory group

ICC Chief Executive Officer David Richardson says ICC’s idea in solving the current crisis in the Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) is by forming an advisory group which will move ahead in forming a new Nepal Cricket Board. Richardson talked to exclusively following his arrival late on Saturday.How is the feeling to be here?This is my first time in Nepal and I am delighted to be here. I’ve been watching with interest the preparation of the Nepal cricket team and in fact the enthusiasm Nepali people seem to have for cricket and the big crowds that you get into your home matches. We are here in this trip now to meet with various stake holders of Nepal cricket. To make sure that we can put in place a secure foundation for continued improvement of Nepalese team. Hopefully, come three or four years time, they will be qualifying for a major event.

How long is your trip ?I am only here for a couple of days time, unfortunately. I’ve got other meetings to attend back in Dubai starting from Tuesday.What is your itinerary for the couple of days ?Its just meetings. We are meeting with various stake holders, former administrators who are on the board, members of the interim committee and the prime minister. We just want to make sure that the administration of cricket in Nepal is on a sound footing.Can we expect everything is going to get solved with your arrival ?I think It will take a little bit of time but this is the first step. Certainly, from what I have heard, all the stake holders are very keen to make sure that everyone cooperates and that we can form a united cricket community and take it forward.What exactly is the concrete plan to address the crisis ?Well, we need to develop that over the next few days. That’s the purpose of this visit. The idea is to put in place an advisory group that can help us, may be look at the constitution, and then move as quickly as possible to elections for a new Nepal cricket board.

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