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ICC slaps CAN with 83 lakhs

Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) has been fined with 84 thousands dollars (approximately 83 lakhs rupees) by International Cricket Council (ICC). ICC fined CAN for not submitting the quarterly financial report.


ICC had warned CAN in August that they might take some action as CAN failed to submit the financial report of last quarter of 2012 and the first quarter of 2013 on time.


Asian Cricket Council (ACC) had asked ICC to take some action against Nepal regarding the financial report. CAN had sent the financial report of last quarter of May but they should have sent the report by the end of January.


ICC provides total sum of three lakhs thirty five thousands dollars annually to CAN in two headings. CAN gets one lakh sixty thousands dollars for administrative expenses and one lakh seventy thousands dollars for capital and development expenditure from ICC.  


Speaking with Republica national daily, vice-president of CAN Keshav Ghimire had informed that they had appealed to ICC and ACC not to take any action against CAN but they did not responded. He further described this action as a set back for Nepali cricket.


Earlier in 2012 also ICC had decided to fine CAN 10 percentage of capital and development fund. But they had withdrawn the decision to fine CAN after CAN filed a appeal against the fine.

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