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Hungry? Lets eat Paras and Pradeep

What do you think you shall do when you are very hungry? Probably eat. But eat what?

The young entrepreneurs had a perfect menu with them when they honored the national cricket team few days back. In a peculiar way, the South Asian Young Entrepreneurs Forum honoured the players by dedicating their food in their name.

So what did they serve?

A big plate served with skipper Paras Khadka and opener Pradeep Airee is enought to satisfy your hunger. And in dessert, you will have Naresh Budhayer and Rahul Kumar BK and if that is still not enough there is Sanjam Regmi for you.

“Captain Paras pahadi lunche ko jhol” a local chicken curry with mild Nepalese spices was where our skipper fit and “Pradeep with sweet catch” a chamre bhaat was their to mix with the captain for a perfect dinner of the day.

The raspberries were named as Naresh shared with Rahul and the short and sweeted dish served in the house was “Sanjam jilevi”. Fast bowler Chandra Saud and spinners Prithu Baskota and Sagar Pun were also named in the desserts.

“Chandra and Prithu favourite ball”, kaala jamun and “Sagar tested rabari” was also there to eat. The dinner goers had to eat the entire team because the baked rice was named “Cricket team of Nepal’s pride). If anyone is getting very curious about our vice-captain Gyanendra Malla then he was there to give all the iron with “rayo ko saag jhaneko” as Gyanendra Favourie. And what was there for Sharad Vesawkar? Yummy its “sinki ko parikaar” as Sharad with sour.


Fast bowler Amrit Bhattarai had the food name reading Amrit played with Sri Lankan — a food from the island named Wattilappan and the crisis man Basanta Regmi was with a flying catch as “kaalo daal jhaneko”.

Excitement and happiness was visible on cricketers. “It was nice to see name of food on our name. We are really happy to get such honour. I think this type of honour is rare and I have seen it for the first time in my cricketing career,” said left arm orthodox bowler Shakti Gauchan, whose food card read “Shakti’s love that served “aloo mashyaura ra bodi”.

Shakti also shared a joke that cracked up inside the team after watching the nature of the honour. “After watching all these things, we were like: ‘Hey can I eat you?'” Shakti told .

Saurav Jyoti, President of the South Asian Young Entrepreneur Forum said he should be thanking the cricketers for the new concept. “This is a new concept of giving name on food targetting players and we are really happy to honour our national cricket team this way .And thanks to them as well for giving us this opportunity,” said Jyoti.

“The national team is going to play two World Qualifiers soon and we want Nepal to play in the World Cup  I think giving name of players on food will help them to motivate and encourage them,” Jyoti added.

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