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Have you gone insane, Thats the way we go

Eyes might lit up and you may get infuriated when someone reacts to the goal you set by asking: “Have you gone insane?” A majority could answer that question by dumbfounded looks or may be a bully in return. But laughter prevailed when the riddle of insanity was solved when motivational speaker Ranjit Acharya urged the cricketers to set an ‘insane goal’.


“If you set your ambitions then set big. Make it so big that it will spur people to throw you the question: ‘Have you gone insane?’ and from that point you quest to reach your goal begins. I am sure you will either end up reaching your goal or reach a place where no one had expected you to be,” Acharya, the No 1 motivational speaker of the country, told the cricketers in a motivational class organised for them as the team prepares for the upcoming ICC World Twenty20 Qualifiers.


As Acharya asked the cricketers to right down their “insane goals”, everyone did and to their puzzle the speaker asked them to tear it down into pieces. “You cannot reach your goals by just writing down in a paper, the goal is set on your heart and mind,” he took everyone to surprise.


And of course everyone breathed in satisfaction with a laughter gripping the cozy hall. One of the cricketers setting an ‘insane goal’ was our own left arm orthodox bowlers Shakti Gauchan who thanked Acharya for instilling positivity.


And, guess what Shakti’s goal was?


“I have set a goal of giving Nepal a Test-playing nation status one day,” said Shakti. For a team that has so far played cricket for just 17 years and are now in ICC World Cricket League Division-II makes you an insane and after spending hours in a motivational class, getting Test status was of course the perfect goal to be set by a veteran like Shakti.


Shakti had another dream in him as well which he defined this way. “I often go to India to play cricket and there I usually hear, ‘so here is a team from Nepal as well?’ and that really pinches me a lot. I have made up my mind to beat India senior team,” the left armer from Bhairahawa – a town in the Mid-west of Nepal that borders India.


“From that time, I have a dream to defeat India. We are in the 50-over World Cup Qualifiers and if we finish fourth (among the non-Test playing nations to reach World Cup), we will probably have a meeting with India and I want to beat them there,” said Shakti displaying his positivity after the end of the one and half hour class.


It has been a dream of every Nepali cricket fan to see his/her country play against India beat them. Shakti has already set two goals and if these goals are going to make all Nepalis proud then its good to be insane.


Take a bow Shakti.

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