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Group ‘B’ skippers confident to qualify

Paras Khadka (Nepal)


World Cup is a dream for us as we only imagine about or talk about it. And now its right in front of us. This is a lifetime opportunity for us and we will grab it with both hands. We have been playing good cricket for the last one and half year and we would like to maintain that streak in the UAE.  We have really worked hard for the last two months. There are few young members in the team which in fact have bolstered our squad and provided us with a lot of options. We are eagerly looking forward to the World Twenty20 Qualifiers and itching to qualify for World Cup. As a unit we are pretty confident that we can do well. We are ready to suprise the teams that we face in the Qualifiers. 


Kyle Coetzer (Scotland)


Missing Preston (Mommsen) is massive and leaves a big hole, but we have got guys who are capable of taking up his spot which is very important. We feel we have all bases covered in terms of flexibility in the squad like right-hand/left-hand combination in batting, different aggressiveness styles as well. In bowling, we have right-arm and left-arm bowlers, which we have not had in the previous couple of tournaments. So it is nice to have that option, we have three left arm bowlers in our ranks, which give us variation. 


Mohammad Nabi (Afghanistan)


Qualification this time around is very important for us as a team, for our cricket and for our nation. We will try very hard to make it to the Bangladesh event like we did to the 2010 and 2012 events. It will be a big moment for me as a captain. Qualifying for the ICC Cricket World Cup was a big moment for our nation. Even qualifying for the World Twenty20 will trigger wild celebrations too. The pressure will always be there. Just because six teams will qualify does not mean that our job becomes easier. I therefore believe that we need to look to win the tournament rather than just look to qualify. 


Peter Borren (The Netherlands)


We are desperate to qualify. Since beating England at Lords in the 2009 edition of the ICC World Twenty20 we have twice failed to qualify. That hurts. We are keen to not only qualify for Bangladesh, but to win games once we get there. We had two weeks’ rest at the end of the northern hemisphere season, which was followed by a month of skills work indoors in The Netherlands. We have now embarked on an intensive preparation tour to Pretoria, South Africa. This two week period has incorporated both match fixtures and a lot of fitness work with a real focus toward the ICC World Twenty20 Qualifiers. We are missing some key players who have represented us in recent times due to unavailability. Naturally we will miss their talent, however, it is also an opportunity for other guys to step up. I have noticed a real unity in the group of recent times and I am sure that will be evident in the qualifiers. 


Collins Obuya (Kenya)


The preparation for the qualifier has been very good, as we have been playing with Sri Lanka A in Sri Lanka, and using our time there to adjust to slow pitches. It’s definitely been very good for the team. Every game that we play will be important to us and every team we face will play differently. We will just try to keep it simple and concentrate on our own game in order to qualify for Bangladesh in 2014. I think with the talent we have in our team and how our players like to express themselves, the Twenty20 format is really suited to the Kenyan team. It’s always good to have Steve Tikolo and Thomas Odoyo in the team because they bring a lot of experience and confidence to the side, and the younger guys can learn from them.



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