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Govt’s seven-point mandate for CAN

The government recently suspended the Cricket Association of Nepal forming a new ad-hoc committee under former president Binay Raj Pandey. The committee currently has only three members including Pandey, vice-president Sriharsha Koirala and general secretary Ramesh Kumar Silwal. The Youth and Sports Ministry has set the new committee a seven-point mandate. Here is the mandate given for the committee: 

– Give complete shape to ad-hoc committee following general elections in the locals, districts, regions and centres.

– Move ahead in the process to establish Cricket Development Board of Nepal, suggest on the improvement of infrastructure, tournaments, coaching, motivation in the development and promotion of Nepali cricket.


– Submit progress report to the government.


– Involve cricketers in national and international tournaments along with their organization.


– Add members in the committee as required following a coordination with stakeholders.


– Coordinate with ICC and ACC to mobilize resource and technicalities in the development and promotion of cricket.


– Oblige to the directives from the government.  

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