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Govt dissolves Cricket Association of Nepal

Five months after the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) recommended to wipe out the entire committee of the Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN), the government on Thursday has dissolved the cricket governing body.


The decision was made in the pretext of alleged embezzlement of millions of rupees in the construction of the unfinished Mulpani Cricket Stadium project and the ineligibility of running cricket in the country. CIAA had also filed graft charges against 10 CAN officials including President Tanka Aangbuhang and General Secretary Ashok Nath Pyakuryal.


The cabinet has formed a new committee under former president Binay Raj Pandey with Ramesh Silwal named the General Secretary. Sriharsha Koirala was named the vice-president.


Pandey, who had taken over from Jay Kumar Nath Shah in September, 2006, was ousted by the National Sports Council (NSC) for his failure of holding general assembly and elections to bring an end to a system that was run by ad-hoc committee for five years.


He was also nominated as a patron in the new committee. Dipendra Nath Sharma, Secretary at the Ministry of Youth and Sports, said the cabinet decision was a response to the recommendation from the CIAA.


“The officials were deemed corrupted, they were considered ineligible to run cricket. We directed them through the National Sports Council (NSC) not to perform day to day operations but they didn’t oblige. Even when the government invested a huge amount in bringing back coach Pubudu Dassanayake, they never bothered to sign a working agreement with him,” said Sharma.


“The national team has already won the Division-III title under the coach and they have not yet signed a working agreement. The CAN members are not able to hold a board meeting. We were in a wait-and-watch state and finally the decision has come,” added Sharma.


The new committee has been asked to give its body a concrete shape in a matter of one year. While they committee has been given power to pick up officials, it also needs to work in coordination with the Ministry of Youth and Sports and Nepal Sports Council.

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