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Government to take time for stability

The deadlock in Nepali cricket that has existed after a majority of top brass from the country’s cricket board were charge sheeted over alleged corruption is certain to remain for few more months due to legal complications.

The government, particularly Youth and Sports Ministry, is preparing to dissolve the current committee and form a new cricket board following a recommendation from the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA).


However, with country’s law setting no provision to oust an elected body, the government is seeking legal remedy by forming a new law for cricket through the parliament and dissolve the existing committee.


Youth and Sports Minister Purushottam Paudel said the government is acknowledging the concern from the International Cricket Council (ICC) and Asian Cricket Council (ACC). “In sports disciplines like cricket and football, there is no point we run organisation without support from international bodies,” said Paudel.


“The ICC and ACC are pretty concerned that if a new body comes in it is free from court cases. It is hard to get support from ICC and ACC if we establish a governing body which is already in dispute.”


“If we want to run a cricket board in a sustainable way without any dispute then it will take some time. We will set up a new law through the parliament and have it approved. If we do it through fast track then it will take at least three months,” Paudel added.


Nepali cricket has been in turmoil ever since the national team cricketers stage a revolt against the cricket governing body alleging them of embezzling millions of rupees in the construction of Mulpani Cricket Stadium apart from claiming it to have run in an improper way.


The revolt led the CIAA to charge sheet CAN officials while at the other end the accounts at the cricket governing body is currently nil after the ACC and ICC refrained from providing fund. The poor financial status of the CAN also led to an exit of coach Pubudu Dassanayake only for government come to the rescue and hand him a one-year extension.


A bankrupt CAN also failed to host selection tournaments due to budget crunch and hand picked cricketers for Asian Games and ACC U-16 Elite.

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