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Flat pitches on offer for ACC T20

It shall not come as a surprise if Nepal crosses 200 runs in an inning in the upcoming ACC T20 tournament, starting from 26th of March in Kathmandu. Whether or not, that score will be matched or even excelled and whether the team challenging that score will be our national team is a matter that shall be decided in a few days time. However, looking at the pitch condition as of now and speaking with the pitch curator, it is almost certain that the pitches on offer, on two venues — TU ground, Kirtipur and Institute of Engineering Ground, Pulchowk, are flat pitches where batsman can prosper aplenty.

 Chief curator of the TU Cricket ground, Narayan Karki, says there is a need of batting pitch for T20 games because the newest format of the game is all about making runs. “T20 is about making runs. We have made a flat pitch which will help batsman score runs. In comparison to the last ACC T20 trophy played in Nepal in the year 2011, there will be more runs scored this time around. We can see more fours and sixes,” says Karki.

Karki and his team of thirteen members are working from 7 a.m. in the morning to six p.m. in the evening to prepare the pitch for the tournament which has brought a big hope for the Nepali cricket fans. Given that Nepal’s batting has improved vastly in the recent days and this tournament is a stepping stone for qualification to the World T20 (otherwise known as the T20 world cup), the pitches are to the liking of the home team, Nepal.

The team has made hard pitch which will bounce. The curator believes this will make the ball come to the bat and hence help batsman anticipate and time their shots accordingly. They have first cultivated grass in all the four pitches. Now that the grass has been cut, the grass underneath will hold the soil and hence the pitch will be hard and bouncy, hence making it a haven to bat on.

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