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Finally a Central Contract

A worry had struck national cricket team coach Pubudu Dassanayake when Nepal qualified for the ICC World Twenty20. The achievement was unprecedented considering the life Nepali cricketers have been living – the same old nets at the ancient-looking TU Stadium and seasonal programmes that offers nothing in perks.


Dassanayake planned a salary slab system for the national team cricketers after the achievement and forwarded it to the Cricket Association of Nepal in a presentation made in front of the National Sports Council but the proposal was overlooked.



A turn of negative events followed the participation in the World Twenty20 – the national cricketers staged a revolt against the cricket governing body, the anti-corruption watchdog began a probe and filed graft charges against 10 officials, Dassanayake’s extension itself was placed in a precarious positions and a dual-existence of the CAN made it even worse.


All’s well that ends well. The 17th century play from William Shakespeare could be a perfect headline for Nepali cricket. No doubt Nepali cricket has run through sporadic controversies that have dogged the sport but back-to-back good results have subdued them. Any problem in Nepali cricket always comes up with a solution.


Everyone wants to get rid of the controversies that have surrounded Nepali cricket – fans, media, cricketers and government authorities. The show must go on – cricket has always followed this adage even in the persisting dual-existence of the cricket governing body. The players getting central contracts from the CAN on Tuesday is just a proof of it.


CAN Chief Executive Officer Bhawana Ghimire kept pushing to make the central contract happen and she was the one most elated when skipper Paras Khadka – on behalf of players – signed the contract with CAN.


“This is going to be a stepping stone in terms of the professional development of the Nepali cricketers. This is just a beginning and we will come up with some modifications in the near future,” said Ghimire during a programme in Kathmandu.


Nepali cricket no doubt has turned to another chapter after the signing of central contract. And it is now standing at a point from where a new benchmark needs to be set. The Central Contract has been possible because of the funds CAN received from the ICC High Performance Programme but the fund might not remain with them forever.


“This is a big challenge for us now since we have already started it. We need to maintain it until cricket is there in Nepal. We have to look for sponsors and other resources to give continuity to the system,” said Uttam Karmacharya, the acting general secretary of the CAN.


Players with Central Contract


Grade A – Paras Khadka, Gyanendra Malla, Shakti Gauchan, Basanta Regmi, Sharad Vesawkar, Subash Khakurel


Grade B – Sompal Kami, Sagar Pun, Naresh Budhayer, Amrit BhattaraiBinod Bhandari, Bhuwan Karki    


Grade C Jitendra Mukhiya, Aarif Sheikh, Anil Mandal, Rahul Kumar BK, Pradeep Airee, Mehboob Alam

Grade D – Rajesh Pulami, Ramnaresh Giri , Karan KC, Raju Rijal


(NOTE: Grade A: Rs 35,000, Grade B: Rs 25,000, Grade C: Rs 10,000, Grade D: Rs 5,000)







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