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Cricket offers climax of a romantic comedy

The arrivals at the Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) had witnessed numerous blissful welcome by fans whenever the national team has returned from any of its successful tournament campaign.


But it was altogether a different scene when coach Pubudu Dassanayake arrived at the TIA landing for the first time in three months that has hit the lowest of Nepali cricket. In the past, applauds have welcomed the likes of Paras Khadka, Gyanendra Malla, Shakti Gauchan or Basanta Regmi and on Thursday they were at the giving end.

As Dassanayake showed up with his ever pleasing smiles, it ended the anxious moment for the cricketers. In front of them was the man who guided them to the World Cup, the man who transformed their submissiveness into aggressiveness.


In front of them was a man who whom they have been longing to see for the last three months after the cricket governing body led to his disgraceful exit. It was the man for whom they have fought against the system.  


Surprised by the welcome, Dassanayake embraced every cricketer that offered glimpses of a climax in a romantic comedy. Dassanayake was moved. “It was a fantastic welcome. This team is very close to me for the last three years and its wonderful to see them around. I didn’t expect them to be here. It’s a good feeling,” said Dassanayake.


Paras didn’t have much to express in the beginning. “He deserves better,” Paras said as the players escorted Dassanayake to the exit mobbed by fans. “The position where Nepali cricket is in right now is because of him. We are very happy. His arrival has given us more confidence and motivation. I hope we move ahead solving all the issues in coming days.”

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