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Civil, Ncell top group to go through

Civil Bank, NIC Asia Bank, Ncell and Janata Bank made it to the semi-finals of the Qatar Airways Indoor 8’s Tournament on Friday.


In the last four matches to be held on Saturday at the Royal Indoor Cricket in Golfutaar, Civil Bank will meet Janata Bank and Ncell take on NIC Asia. The final will also take place Saturday.


Both Civil and Ncell finished their league campaign unbeaten accumulating 20 points from maximum five matches. Civil filed double victory in Group ‘A’ defeating Max Media by 42 runs in the first match and NIC Asia by 32 in the second.


Against Max Media, Civil made 113 before stopping Max Media on 71 runs from 12 overs. They stopped NIC Asia on 68 before replying with 100 runs. NIC Asia – who finished second with 16 points – had earlier edged Radisson Hotel by 20 runs.


In Group ‘B’, Ncell hammered Qatar Airways by 130 runs for a victory that also sent Janata Bank – not in the action today – in the semi-finals with 14 points. Ncell made 175 from 12 overs in reply to Qatar Airways’ 35.


Nepal Sports Journalists Forum (NSJF), meanwhile, registered their first victory of the tournament defeating Qatar Airways by 13 runs. NSJF made 110 after batting first before Qatar replied with just 97 runs.


NSJF, however, later lost to Last Door Solution by 77 runs. In other matches, Radisson, Max Media and Yeti Holidays filed victories.



Group A

Radisson Vs NIC ASIA

Radisson 94 in 12 overs and NIC ASIA 114 in 12 overs.

Result: NIC ASIA won by 20 runs.

Yeti Holidays Vs Apex Dev. Bank

Yeti Holidays 94 runs in 12 overs and Apex Dev. Bank 85 runs in 12 overs.

Result: Yeti Holidays won by 9 runs.

 Civil Bank Vs Max Media

Civil Bank 113 Runs in 12 overs and Max Media 71 Runs in 12 overs.

Result: Civil Bank won by 42 Runs.

Max Media Vs Radisson Hotel

Max Media 124 Runs in 12 overs and Radisson Hotel 103 in 12 Overs.

Result: Max Media won by 21 Runs.

Radisson Hotel Vs Apex Dev Bank

Radisson Hotel 150 runs in 12 overs and Apex Dev Bank 8 runs in 12 overs.

Result: Radisson Hotel won by 62 Runs.

Civil Bank Vs NIC ASIA Bank

Civil Bank 100 Runs in 12 overs and NIC ASIA Bank 68 Runs in 12 overs.

Result: Civil Bank Won by 32 Runs.


Group B

Qatar Airways Vs Ncell

Qatar Airways 35 Runs in 12 overs and Ncell 175 Runs in 12 overs.

Result: Ncell won by 130 Runs.

NSJF Vs Qatar Airways

NSJF 110 Runs in 12 overs and Qatar Airways 97 Runs in 12 Overs.

Result: NSJF won by 13 runs.

NSJF Vs Last Door Solution

NSJF 76 runs in 12 overs and Last door Solution 153 runs in 12 overs.

Result: Last Door Solution won by 77 runs.

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