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CEO Bhawana Ghimire among most searched cricket personalities

Bhawana Ghimire’s nomination as the first Chief Exeucitve Officer (CEO) of the Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) and her attractive appearance have lined her up among the most searched cricket personalities of Nepal.

Ghimire has already become a celebrity ever since she was appointed at the major post of cricket governing body in September. Taking an important post at the age of 31 as a female, however, is not the only reason why she has been searched for.


Ghimire holds a distinct personality and carries herself with confidence in every public appearance that is enough for others willing to know more about her. Her each and every story in the social networking sites are selling like hot cake. “If I don’t get to work freely, then there is no point in staying at the post,” its one of the statments Ghimire reiterates in interviews, probably a catalyst for her popularity.


Ghimire, however, is second among the most searched cricket personalities. Excuse me! Did I say second ? Then who is the most searched personality of the sport that has soared in its popularity? Any guesses??

  Yes, its none other than the influential, the flamboyant, the outspoken skipper Paras Khadka. In the google search engine, Paras has been searched for most of the times. Paras was already a star, probably an international star when he started leading Nepali team from the 2010 ICC World Cricket League Division-V.

  After leading Nepal into the ICC World Twenty20 this March, Paras has been the most searched cricket personality in the world. In the month of October when Nepal only played one tournament — Asian Games — Paras was searched for 1300 times in google alone.

  While he keeps on getting unlimited friend requests every day, his search in the social networking sites are even higher. Ghimire has been searched for 1000 times in google in the last month of this alendar year.


National team vice-captain Gyanendra Malla — who recently made his first 50-over century hold the third spot, while fast bowling sensation is fourth among the most searched. Left arm spinner Shakti Gauchan and Sharad Vesawkar are on joint fifth.

List of most searched Nepali cricket personalities


Paras Khadka 1,300


Bhawana Ghimire 1,000


Gyanendra Malla 390


Som Pal Kami 210


Shakti Gauchan 170


Sharad Vesawkar 170


Pubudu Dassanayake 140


Bashant Regmi 140


Sagar Pun 140


Subash Khakurel 140

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