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CAN inability to work exposes more

The Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) has once again pulled into controversy after their efficiency was questioned during a discussion organised by the Development Committee of the Legislature-Parliament under the topic of Cricket’s Development and Prospect of Constructing International Standard Stadium in Mulpani and Other Venues.


The discussion was attended by officials from the Finance Ministry, Ministry of Youth and Sports (MoYS), National Sports Council (NSC), CAN and skipper Paras Khadka. Here we are compiling the quotes from the participants that has once again exposed CAN’s inability to work in the development of cricket.


Will it work if we ask someone who is not even able to drive a vehicle to operate a plane? I have told all the problems from Prime Minister to sports officials. But no one is ready to work responsibly. To develop cricket is the duty of CAN and it needs to perform the duty responsibly. I receive several calls from Kiritpur saying they want to padlock the stadium but refrain because of our training. I have been labeled as Congress, Maoist and CPN-UML just because I voiced for the players. – National team skipper Paras Khadka



The Embassy of India is ready to help in upgrading TU Stadium but before that we need to provide it with a No-Objection letter from the TU. But we cannot get the no-objection letter from TU because CAN has not paid the lease amount which has exceeded three million rupees. I am powerless. All the power is with the board. – CAN Chief Executive Officer Bhawana Ghimire




Some of the CAN officials gave an irresponsible statement that the loss of Paras and Co is the victory for them. The Ministry and National Sports Council lacks technical expert and architects. – MoYS Secretary Dipendra Nath Sharma






The Vice-chancellor of the Tribhuwan University called me and threatened me to padlock TU Stadium if its dues are not cleared. Where will we play cricket if TU Stadium is padlocked. CAN was not able to work even when we gave them Rs 200 million despite they sought only Rs 50 million from us. – Youth and Sports Minister Purushottam Paudel



The government has allocated Rs 200 million for the construction of Mulpani Stadium but CAN has no ability to spend that amount. Its better if we complete the work by one tender instead of calling for an yearly bid. The Finance Ministry is ready to help CAN in upgrading TU Stadium and Pulchowk grounds. – Finance Ministry Acting Secretary Bainkuntha Aryal

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