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CAN ignores cricketers’ return

When Nepal returned from their impressive ICC World Twenty20 campaign, the arrivals at the Tribhuvan International Airport was gripped by a festive atmosphere surrounded by thousands of people and top brass from the Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) were one of them holding garlands. But on Thursday, the national team returned to a most deserted welcome with almost no-show from CAN representatives after their return from the ACC Premier League. Overcoming an adverse environment at home that had affected their preparation, the cricketers gave an impressive performance finishing third in the tournament where they defeated 2015 World Cup finalists United Arab Emirates (UAE) and ODI team Hong Kong. With the flashing lights of multiple cameras from media and deafening noise of the fans during World Twenty20 becoming a past, Sanjeev Pandey was the only member from the cricket governing body to welcome the cricketers at the TIA that had a deserted look. CAN officials are currently interrogated by the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) after the national cricket team alleged them to have embezzled millions of rupees last month. CAN officials have been avoiding all the cricket activities since then saying they are busy reporting to the CIAA. Before the team left for Malaysia, CAN handled coach Pubudu Dassanayake disgracefully handing him a three-month contract breaking their promise of giving the coach a one-year extension. In a recent interview, CAN General Secretary Ashok Nath Pyakurel said they were unable to give Dassanayek a one-year extension because their computers are at CIAA and they were unable to draft the papers. However, CIAA was not the reason for CAN officials for their no-show for the players’ welcome. “The CIAA has given few days of rest for CAN. They now have to report on April 13,” said Pandey. “They might have been running with a busy scheduled,” Pandey tried to cover the CAN officials. When asked about the absence of CAN officials at airport, national team skipper Paras Khadka said: “It doesn’t matter. We are used to with situation like these.”

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