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CAN humiliates Dassanayake with three-month contract

The Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) has dealt in the worst possible way with coach Pubudu Dassanayake handing him a three-month contract going against its own agreement of a one-year extension it had done in March.

After Nepal returned from the ICC World Twenty20 in Bangladesh, CAN had given a one-year extension at the last minutes of his contract expiry. Apart from the extension, CAN had agreed on several other terms including a pay cheque in salary.

“My understanding was the same. We had the agreement settled over all the issues that we had. And finally today I have been given a contract till June 30 with less than two months left,” said Dassanayake ahead of the team’s departure to Malaysia for the ACC Premier League beginning from May 1.

“When I returned from Canada, the agreement now seems to be different,” he said.

Dassanayake was reluctant in stating the reason behind the issue and said he was told by the CAN that: “An investigation is going in the CAN and for that no one is ready to sign in his new contract. That is what I have been told.”

According to a source, CAN is putting all the blame on Dassanayake over the recent boycotting of the national team which the coach didn’t want to delve on but skipper Paras Khadka said CAN is trying to take revenge over the team and coach.

“After the boycott CAN is ignoring the national team and not helping for the ACC Premier League preparation. We came here (airport) arranging the team bus and luggage on our own. There is not any other CAN officials to smooth function the departure process from the team hotel,” said Paras.

Paras said CAN is trying to get rid of the coach by humiliating him. “This is humiliation of a man who has done so many things to Nepali cricket. He is the major force behind national team’s every success. They want to throw the coach out in an indirect way,” said Paras.

Dassanayake said he will respect the decision. “I am not comfortable. CAN is my employer and I respect its decision. We are going to move forward with the thing that has been offered,” said Dassanayake.

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