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CAN calls on players for talks

The Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) has called on the players for talks to break the deadlock in the sport after the national team urged the government to bring a new committee or else they will quit national and international cricket.


Promising to provide the unpaid salary and allowance of the last nine months inside one week, the board meeting of the cricket governing body formed a talks committee headed by CAN’s Vice-president Chatur Bahadur Chand and includes Thakur Pratap Thapa and Deepak Saud.


“This will not create a good image of Nepali cricket. We call on all the players to come into one single place and have talks regarding the issues of grievances. Whatever has come from the players is unpleasant. We assure that we will provide the player’s allowance and salary within a week and other demands will be addressed following the agreement with the talks committee,” said CAN General Secretary Ashok Nath Pyakurel.


Pyakure said CAN have already assured to provide $5,000 for Prithu Baskota’s treatment but due to the communication gap, it was unknown to players. “We have been in regular touch with Prithu and already informed him about giving him $5,000 but we don’t know how players got it wrong,” said Pyakurel.


The board meeting has also decided to make amendments in the one-sided agreement with kit sponsors BS Sports so that the cricketers could have their bat sponsors.


CAN has also formed a disciplinary committee headed by Secretary Uttam Karmacharya to talk over the public outburst from the cricketers. Regarding the issue with $100,000 sent by the international governing bodies, CAN said they have not promised anything to the players.


“We don’t know anything about the additional $50,000 which has been said by the players. But the initial $50,000 was sent to us for the build-up to the World Cup,” said Pyakurel.


Pyakurel also said that CAN is ready to help CIAA in its investigation. “If CIAA comes to CAN for investment and find something wrong then its good for Nepali cricket.”


The cricketers had appealed the CIAA to investigate the financial matters of the CAN.

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