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Breathless Shots with Sharad Vesawkar

Sharad Vesawkar is the key member of the national team who has been instrumental in Nepal’s success ever since the country began its inclination upwards international cricket from ICC World Cricket League Division 4 in Malaysia in 2012. His role was key in handing Nepal their maiden, so far only one, spot in the 2014 ICC World Twenty20 after playing role of a perfect finisher in the Qualifiers. He has been in a sublime form and the only game that he missed for the national team after a long time was the ICC World Cricket League Championship matches against Hong Kong. We sat with Sharad and talked about the things besides cricket in our Breathless Shots segment. Enjoy the video.

Q. Favourite Cricketer?

A. Sachin Tendulkar

Q. Favourite athlete outside cricket?

A. Usain Bolt

Q. Favourite Hero?

A. Hrithik Roshan

Q. Favourite Heroine?

A. Deepika Padukone

Q. Favourite Movie? 

A. MS Dhoni

Q. Favourite Nepali Band?

A. Kutumba


Q. Favourite International Band?

A. None


Q. What do you enjoy the most beside cricket?

A. Spirituality

Q. Your Nickname?

A. Khaire by seniors


Q. Any gadget or automobile in your wish list?

A. I am not a gadget person.

Q. Destination you wanted to go ?

A. Himalayas of Nepal

Q. What if you were not a cricketer?

A. I have not thought of anything beside cricket

Q. Your celebrity crush?

A. It should be my wife, Nisha Adhikari


Q. Chicken Mo:Mo or Buff Mo:Mo?

A. Chicken Mo:Mo


Q. What would you want to be a Singer or an Actor?

A. Probably a singer.

Q. Any celebrity or person you want to meet with ?

A. Sachin Tendulkar


Q. First pay cheque and age ?

A. When I was selected for U15. Spent all the money with friends.


Q. Average monthly income ?

A. There are no exact figure

Q. Funniest Nepali cricketer ?

A. Avinsh Karn and Karan KC

Q. Emotional Nepali cricketer ?

A. Myself

Q. Your close friend in Nepali cricket ?

A. All of them.


Q. Your first crush ?

A. May be during my school time.


Q. Do you get love message from ladies fan ?

A. Not any more

Q. If you were a Nepali politician what is the first thing you want to make a change?

A. I would change the mindset.

Q. One advise to Nepali politician ?

A. Try to be a good person.

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