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Breathless Shots with Paras Khadka

National team captain Paras Khadka is the biggest name that Nepali cricket has. Not only inside cricket, his personality has soared ever since he handed Nepal a maiden spot in the ICC World Twenty20 in 2014. Paras has led Nepali team with an example and under his leadership, Nepali cricket has gone a long way. sat with Paras and talked about the things beside cricket. Lets watch this interesting Breathless Shots with Paras:

Q. Favourite Cricketer?

A. Brian Lara, the batsman

Q. Favourite athlete outside cricket?

A. Steven Gerrard

Q. Favourite Hero?

A. Sharukh Khan, the person not the actor

Q. Favourite Heroine?

A. Catherine Zeta Jones when I was young. Now Priyanka Chopra for her swag.

Q. Favourite Movie? 

A. Rang De Basanti

Q. Favourite Nepali Band?

A. 1974 AD and Nepathya

Q. Favourite International Band?

A. Coldplay and Linkin Park

Q. What do you enjoy the most beside cricket?

A. Spend time with friends.

Q. Your Nickname?

A. At home Paru. My seniors called me Bhane and now everyone in national team calls me Paras dai.

Q. Any gadget or automobile in your wish list?

A. I am not a gadget person.

Q. Destination you wanted to go ?

A. I always wanted to go to Las Vegas. Last year I was there.

Q. What if you were not a cricketer?

A. An Architect

Q. Your celebrity crush?

A. Lot of them. Too many to mention.

Q. Chicken Mo:Mo or Buff Mo:Mo?

A. Both Chicken and Buff Mo:Mo

Q. What would you want to be a Singer or an Actor?

A. None. But may be a social singer.

Q. Any celebrity or person you want to meet with ?

A. Not really. I would love to meet Gerrad. But it is not like I want to meet him. It would be lovely if I meet him.

Q. First pay cheque and age ?

A. Probably when I was selected for U15. I think I bought something for me and brought remaining money back home.

Q. Average monthly income ?

A. Around 50-60 thousands.

Q. Funniest Nepali cricketer ?

A. Avinsh Karn and Som Pal Kami

Q. Emotional Nepali cricketer ?

A. Basant Regmi

Q. Your close friend in Nepali cricket ?

A. All of them

Q. Your first crush ?

A. Preity Zinta….. when I was in school.

Q. Do you get love message from ladies fan ?

A. Not any more

Q. If you were a Nepali politician what is the first thing you want to make a change?

A. Will talk about it when it happens.

Q. One advise to Nepali politician ?

A. They have enough advices. But it is about time they deliver.

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