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Breathless shots with Gyanendra Malla

National cricket team vice captain Gyanendra Malla is one of the
finest batsmen country has ever produced. He recently captained Nepal in the
ICC World Cricket League Championship matches against Kenya, winning one out of
the two home fixtures. He has joined cricketingnepal for the breathless shots
and here it goes:

 Q.Favourite cricketer ?

A. There is not any particular
cricketer who is my favourite. When I started my cricketing career Sachin
Tendulkar, Jacques Kallis and Damien Martin were my favourites. Nowadays, I
like batting style of AD de Villier and Virat Kohli.

Q. Favourite athlete outside cricket ?

A. Roger Federer. I like
Leonel Messi too.

Q. Favourite Hero ?

A. This is probably the
most difficult question for me. I do not have such favourite hero or any
special one whom I follow. While watching any movie I look at the roles the
heroes play. I liked the acting of Amir Khan in PK, Three Idiots while I liked
the Sharukh Khan in My Name is Khan.

Q. Favourite Heroine ?

A. It’s the same case
with this question too. As per acting I like Deepika Padukone’s acting. Kareena
Kapoor is also good in her acting.

Q.Favourite Movie ? 

A. I like comedy movies
and watch a lot of comedy movies. Andaz Apna Apna is one of my favourite movies
and like to watch it more often. Dhamaal is also another comedy movie I enjoy
watching. I watch these two movies time and again.

Q. Favourite Nepali Band ?
A. I like all Nepali music bands. But as I have grown up listening to songs of
Nepathya and 1974 AD, I like their songs. And that might be the reason why I
like them the most.


Q. Favourite
International Band ?
A. I do not have any favourite international band. I listen different language
songs but do not have such as Nepali bands.


Q. What do you enjoy the
most beside cricket ?
A. To play and to spend time with friends and family.


Q. Your Nickname ?

A. There are many nicknames. But I am mostly known as Gyanu. Everyone in
cricketing circle calls me Gyanu.


Q. Any gadget or
automobile in your wish list ?
A. I feel that gadget should do my work and that’s it. But at present time, I
think I need a MacBook. Probably I will get it pretty soon in near future.

Your dream
destination ?

A. Cricket has taken me
to different parts of the world. And I think other parts are also similar. But
I have desire to go to different parts of Nepal. I want to go to Dolpa, Rara.

Q. What if you were not a cricketer ?
A. No one probably. Gyandra Malla would have just been a name.


Q. Your celebrity crush ?

A. I do not have any
celebrity crush.


Q. Chicken Mo:Mo or Buff
Mo:Mo ?

A. Buff


Q. What would you want to
be? A Singer or an Actor ?

A. Singer. But I think God
has given me worst voice and do not have skills.

Any celebrity or
person you want to meet with ?

A. Sachin Tendulkar and
Roger Federer are two persons that I like to meet with. Leonel Messi is also
the one with whom I would like to meet.


Q. First pay cheque and
age ?

A. I had worked at a
wholesale shop that sold caps at Mahabouddha after finishing my SLC. I worked
there for about two months. As he was my family member’s friend he gave me 1500
as my monthly salary. I think I was 15 or 16 at that time.



Q. Average monthly income

A. I do not have any
regular salary. So I can not say it in exact figure.


Q.Funniest Nepali
cricketer ?

A. Avinsh Karn


Q. Emotional Nepali cricketer

A. Basant Regmi

Your close friend in
Nepali cricket ?

A. Everyone is a close
friend of mine. But at present I am pretty much close to Chhumbi Lama, COO of


Q. Your first crush ?

A. Probably my school
mate. We used to study at same class. I think it might be in class seven or


Q. Do you get love
message from ladies fan ?

A. No


Q.If you were Nepali
politician what is the first thing you want change ?

A. I do not think that I
can be a politician. I think I should leave the post the next day after being a
politician. I think one should be honest and not corrupted.


Q. One advise to Nepali
politician ?

A. They know much better
than us. They have not reached at that position easily. I just want to advise
them to make our country prosperous.

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