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For the first time since the modern day invincibles to be were defeated 3-1 by the West Indies in a test series in 1988-89, the Australians have lost three tests in a single series. For almost in twenty years, have India won three match in a series. Since Allan Border and his team recieved a hammering at the hands of the West Indians,almost a quarter of a century ago, the Australians have manifested them as one of the greatest cricketing side of all times. Two 16 match win streaks, one under Steve Waugh,and one under Ricky Ponting, three one day world cups in a row, and a number of away series win ensured the Australian team as one of the sporting phenomenons of modern time. However, since the retirement of stalwarts like Shane Warne, GLenn McGrath, Mathhew Hayden, Ricky Ponting, Adam Gilchrist and others, the ustrlian team has been in decline.On the other hand, while the Australians were busy conquering cricketing heights, the Indian team, like it’s subcontinent counterparts was busy succumbing to foreign pitchesand winning test matches in home. After the decline of the SOurav Ganguly led era, MS Dhoni was the new face of Indian cricket. However, the success brought to the team bythe Ranchi libero in limited overs was not tranferred to the test team. Eight test losses in England and ustralia in as many test brought the team a new low.However, things are slowly changing and the change in balance is slowly being manifested in ground results. During the ongoing Border-Gavaskar trophy in India, the Indians have already swept to a three nil lead against the Australians and the fourth test in Delhi might as wellend with a hopeless whitewsh for the Australians. With wins in Hyderabad, Chennai and Mohali and the ongoing last test in Delhi in a fine balance after the end of day two,with the Indians in a four run lead with two first innings wicket remaining, it might as well be the final nail in coffin to the great Australian side.

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