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Priority or swing by the wind

Jul 16, 2014 | Eddie Van Brooks |

THINK BIG - Mankind’s mega projects have been built under this principle – Think Big. Let’s not go that far. In a normal one hour five minute flight from Kathmandu, one can reach the Indian capital city New Delhi welcomed by the breathtaking infrastructure of the country’s busiest Indira Gandhi International Airport.

The airport was revamped in 2006 following its handing over to a private consortium in 2006 and after splashing billions of rupees, it was transformed into the biggest airports in South Asia, thus becoming the largest aviation hub of the region.

Forget the three things that reflect India’s progress – Bollywood, cricket and metro service – and hang around Terminal 3 at the New Delhi airport and you will probably realize how India is transforming. Terminal 3 is as big as it could be for a Nepali individual that has the world on its own.

The transformation of the New Delhi Airport pertains to the ‘Think Big’ principle. Indians dared to splash billions because they wanted to show the world that how the country – where still poverty is gripping some of the remotest part of the nation – is thinking in terms of development.

India has already shifted to a higher gear to pose itself as the biggest economic power in coming years and here we Nepalese are – haunted by the slimmest of thinking from the leaders who lack idea.


The announcement from Finance Minister Ram Sharan Mahat, one who has recognized the progress cricket has made in the country and what it could do for Nepal, to invest Rs 200 million in the construction of Mulpani Cricket Stadium is gladly welcomed by everyone from cricket.

But the amount to be invested itself has to become a topic a discussion following a research over some of the ordinary stadiums that has been constructed across the world with least investment.

Afghanistan recently completed the construction of the 14000-seater Ghazi Amanullah Khan International Cricket Stadium outside Jalalabad with the overall cost expected to cross Rs 300 million. Let’s forget the costs that are covered for the construction of international stadiums in India or other cricketing countries.

Cricket fraternity has welcomed the government decision to invest in Mulpani Cricket Stadium and it needs to be but in a country where the sport has been dogged by corruption, the doubt will remain over the proper utilization of the budget that will be allocated.


The charge-sheeted CAN officials over the alleged corruption in the Mulpani Cricket Stadium should always ring a remainder. While the doubts remain at one hand, the quality over its construction will leave a big question mark and so will be the quantity. The second spot in Mulpani where the construction work has been going on is considered to be the best venue for building a good infrastructure. The principle of ‘think big’ will no doubt see Nepali cricket enjoy
the biggest infrastructure in the country but the thinking needs to get clicked first.

Nepali government had already hinted in investing on cricket after the national team’s successful ICC World Twenty20 journey. It is responding to the success and pressure the game has created. Cricket has been under priority of the state but the question will remain – Is it a priority or a swing by the wind?


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