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We have a fair chance of qualifying for the Twenty20 World Cup : Abinash Bohora

Apr 08, 2019 | CN Staff |

Abinash Bohora could not have asked for a better start to his international cricket career. The 22-year-old pacer from Nepalganj has impressed everyone with accurate yorkers and was a find of the Twenty20 International Series against United Arab Emirates (UAE) which Nepal went on to win. 

Abinash bagged man-of-the-series in that series which was his first ever international outing for the senior team. He took six wickets from three matches and bowled effectively in the death overs bowling with an economy rate of 7.2 and an average of 12.

In an interview with Roshan Dhital, Bohora talks about his secret behind yorkers and coming days. Excerpts :-

Q. Tell us about your childhood. Did you always want to bowl fast?

A. Yes, I used to bowl fast since my early age. I used to idolise Lasith Malinga, and these days its Jasprit Bumrah. I always wanted to become like Malinga and grab this opportunity with both hands after making it to the national team now. I wouldn't let myself down.

Q. Take us back to Twenty20 Series against UAE. How special was it to claim man-of-the-series award in your debut series?

A. I was bowling well in that series but honestly speaking, I wasn't expecting to become the man-of- the-series. The emcee announced my name and I looked at Somu dai (Sompal Kami) with shock and delightful expressions. I was extremely happy to get that award and it is encouraging me to practice even harder. It has shouldered me with more responsibility.

Q. You have been bowling yorkers at will. Its something where all the Nepalese bowlers have struggled a lot. What is the secret behind these yorker-length balls?

A. Everyone has their own skill and strength according to their nature of bowling. For example, Somu dai (Sompal Kami) has high-arm action so he can bowl good back of the length deliveries. I have a bit side arm action so I can deliver good yorkers. I have struggled a lot for this. I used to bowl consecutive 25-30 yorkers keeping shoes and cone. It is just a matter of hard work and confidence. I was lacking confidence initially which earned after the Everest Premier League.

Q. What did the seniors told you after having such phenomenal debut series?

A. They congratulated me and told me to keep performing the same way. After performing well in the first match, they showed a lot of confidence in me which eventually helped and encouraged me to perform well in the rest of the two matches.

Q. What is your family's opinion about your cricketing career?

A. My family is very supportive to me. I'm here all because of them. But in-between, they were worried about me and questioned me several times about my professional life as a cricketer. But things have changed now, specially after some decent performance in some franchise leagues and with the national team. They suggest me to push more harder as a cricketer and encourage me to do something for the nation.

Q. Is there anyone who deserves credit for your recent successes?

A. I can't name just one person because there are a few names that I won't forget. Paras dai (Paras Khadka) and Sharad dai (Sharad Vesawkar) identified my talent and used me wisely which I think is the main reason behind my success. Sompal dai and Karan dai (Karan KC) always shared genuine tips with me and asked me to focus on my strength. Umesh sir (national team batting consultant Umesh Patwal) and Jagat Guru (Jagat Tamatta) are rest of the two names who have influenced me a lot.

Q. You weren't getting proper spell during Pokhara Premier League 2018. Did that hamper your bowling in that particular tournament?

A. It wouldn't be fair enought to say that. Every captain has his own plans and method as per the condition. If any other bowler suits more to take up the responsibility on that particular condition then I have compromise for the sake of the team. A player must not excuse his/her performance by such circumstance. I should perform under any condition given to me.

Q. You performed exceptionally well under Sharad Vesawkar in EPL and continued the same momentum against UAE under Paras Khadka. What do you think about their influence in your performance?

A. Both of them are perfect leaders who know how to use their resources. Both of them let me or any other players express themselves on the field. They come up with the tips and suggestions off the field but they never put any player under pressure on the field with any kind of demand.

Q. Now that you have joined BB Cycle Center as its brand ambassador, does it encourage you to put more effort in your game?

A. BB Cycle had chosen me as its brand ambassador. It obviously encourages me financially and mentally. It is our local brand and I'm very thankful to them and I will try my best to make their every expectation count. It also encourages other young cricketers and such stuff will slowly offload players from financial burden.

Q. Being a fast bowler, its difficult to maintain fitness with growing number of matches. How are you preparing to tackle that issue?

A. Yes it is very difficult for fast bowler to maintain fitness but an easy task never satisfies you. So I'm challenging myself to be fit as long as I can. I have a specific fitness schedule given by our trainer Subash sir (Subash Patro) and I follow it sensibly. Modern cricket requires modern methodologies and fitness is most crucial part of it. So I give more priority to fitness than my bowling because if I remain fit then only I can ask my body to do whatever I plan.

Q. How are you utilising your off time nowadays?

A. As I said earlier, Subash sir has given me a schedule and I'm going through it. I followed his six-day morning schedule with a day rest and focus on my bowling or batting in evening session. I'm utilising our off-time with Dipu (Dipendra Singh Airee) and pretty happy and satisfied with whatever I'm doing right now. I have enough time to rectify my weaknesses and I'm sure this gap will come good for me as well as our whole team before going to all important Twenty20 World Cup Qualifier.

Q. What do you think about Nepal's of qualifying for ICC Twenty20 World Cup ? And how are you personally preparing for it?

A. We have a fair chance of qualifying for the world cup but it is a game of cricket so we cannot predict anything as such. We need to give our best and everyone should work hard and sharpen skills during this period. I personally will give my best to take my side to the World Cup.

Q. What is your aim as a cricketer?

A. My short-term aim as cricketer now is to take my side to the ICC Twenty20 World Cup. I will take everything step-by-step and try my best to go as long as I can as a cricketer.

Q. Any message for the fans?

A. I have lot more to do through cricket and I can't do it all alone. I need your love and support in every step and I'm very sure to get you. Thank you all of you.


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