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I want to fill in the shoes of Shakti Dai : Pawan Sarraf

Jan 04, 2019 | CN Staff |

Pawan Sarraf had a brilliant Everest Premier League. In front of a packed Trubhuwan University Stadium, Pawan was captured with his iconic celebration in which he bends his one knee down the ground, punches his right fist upwards and roars in delight.

Pawan was habituated with that celebration, his entry as tournament’s second leading wicket taker with 11 scalps suggests it. He was a revelation in domestic cricket’s most exciting and popular contest. And now he is among the 20 men fighting out for their spot in the national team. Keeping his eye-catching performance and up-coming plans in perspective, Roshan Dhital talked with Pawan for a round of interview. Excerpts :

Q : How did the Everest Premier League give for you?

A. It was a dream season for me. I will take lots of confidence from it and will always try to improve my game with every passing day.

Q : How does it feel to give good performance on such a big stage like EPL?

A. EPL is undoubtedly the biggest league played in our country. And I can’t ask for better platform than this to showcase my game. Fortunately it came at a right time and I feel this will help my career to take a flight. But this is just a beginning; I need to work hard in sensible way to overcome the upcoming challenges of my cricketing career.

Q : What sort of response are you getting after your fine performance in the EPL?

A. Many senior players congratulated me and suggested me to give continuity to this performance. My mom and dad were happiest parents during my good time in EPL. They always motivate and push me to bring out the best performance.

All of my relatives and neighbours were happy for me. Whole Kalaiya backed me as a single unit. Now I want the whole country to back me the same way when I start playing for the national team.

Q : What is your first priority; bat or ball?

A. I love to concentrate on both department but at the moment I’m giving maximum time with the ball. But at the same time, I’m never keeping my batting on sidelines.

Q : How do you prepare yourself before matches?

A : I used to take to the field with clear thinking and with lot of energy. Whenever I’m on the field, I just want to perform well and try to win that particular match for my team. I make certain plans for every match and try to reflect it on the field on match-day.

Q : Is there anyone whom you want to dedicate your current success?

A. I just want to dedicate it to my brother Jatta Shankar Sarraf. He has always put all his energy to motivate me. He used to buy all my required gears and kits in my initial stage.

Q : It looks like you enjoy playing under Gyanendra Malla, is it?

A. Yes, I love to play under him. He is someone who knows how to bring the best out of me. He always pushes me to perform and gives me wide space to express myself. He used to give me extra bit of responsibility which automatically inspires me to do well.

Q : Is there any specific reason behind your trademark knee-bending celebration?

A. No, there is not any specific reason behind it. I just love to do it and it automatically comes to me after taking wicket. Honestly, it is not pre-planned celebration.

Q : What inspires you to become better cricketer?

A. My brother's dream was to become a cricketer who would make it big but that didn't happen. I started playing cricket to chase his dream. It has become our common dream now. I am now envisaging his dream and the effort he is putting in to help me grow as a cricketer.

Q : Which cricketer do you idolise?

A. Its none other than our very own Paras dai (Paras Khadka). He is gem of Nepali cricket and role model for hundreds of Nepalese players like me.

Q : Which is your best innings as a cricketer so far?

A. The 78 runs I made against Afghanistan Under-19  (during the Quadrangular 50-over tournament in Lucknow) is so far the best innings I have ever played. It was very satisfying knock because it helped Nepal end a long victory drought against them.

Q : What is your ultimate goal as a cricketer?

A. I want to win maximum matches for Nepal. At this stage, it could be a lofty ambition for me but I seriously want Nepal to become Test-playing nation in coming years. I want to fill in the shoes of Shakti dai (Shakti Gauchan) as an all-rounder for Nepal.

Q : How is the feeling while getting in your name in Nepal’s 20-man squad? How much chance do you see in the national team?

A. It is the best thing that has happened to me so far. It will be much more better if I find a place in final squad. As every young cricketer, I also want to play for my country.

I feel like I can make through it but for that I need to perform well in the closed-camp. Hopefully, I will perform well and get chances to feature in the senior side.

Q : What do you think is the biggest positive aspect of Nepali cricket?

A. Nepali cricket is gifted with such massive and passionate fan-base which I feel is the biggest positive aspect. Besides that, we should never forget the involvement of private companies and stakeholders  for development of the game. Governing body, private companies, players and fans should come together for smooth development of cricket in Nepal.

Q : Do you want to pass any message to your fans and well-wishers?

A. I just want to thank them from bottom of my heart. Moving on, I need your love and support to motivate my game. Thank you everyone.


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