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PPL Auction _ live

Sep 30, 2018 | CN Staff |

After the completion of the first round, the franchises have picked up players from the wish list. Kathmandu Royals have picked up Sumit Jha for Rs 30,000. Ishan Pandey went to Pokhara Paltans for Rs 50,000 and Himanshu Dutta was taken by Biratnagar Titans for Rs 50,000. 

Dhangadhi Blues brought Bikram Thagunna and Sandeep Rajali for Rs 30,000. Shakti Gauchan, who had set base price of Rs 210,000, went to that amount to Chitwan Rhinos. Rabin Joshi was taken by Biratnagar Titans for Rs 30,000.


Nitesh Thapa, the unknown and uncapped player, is sold to Butwal Blasters for a base price of Rs 30,000. After getting Firdosh Ansari for a base price of Rs 30,000, Dhangadhi Blues have also bought Saurav Khanal for a base price of Rs 100,000. Avinash Bohora, the fast bowler, has drawn maximum bid limit of Rs 100,000 from two teams. Its a lottery now. And Butwal Blasters get him.

Aasif Sheikh draws quite a few interest. Pokhara Paltans get them for Rs 80,000.

Butwal Blasters have bought Prakash KC, the wicketkeeper batsman, for Rs 50,000. Hari Shankar Sah, the experienced Twenty20 player is sold to Chitwan Rhinos for Rs 90,000. A 26-year old spinner Binod Lama has been sold for Rs 70,000 to Chitwan Tigers.

Amit Shrestha has attracted maximum bid limit of Rs 150,000 from Butwal Blasters, Dhangadhi Blues and Kathmandu Royals. He will go for a lucky draw now. Kathmandu Royals pick them up for Rs 150,000. Sunil Dhamala is another man who attracts multiple bid. He is sold to Biratnagar Titans for Rs 230,000. 

Kushal  Bhurtel is sold to Pokhara Paltans for a maximum bid limit of Rs 150,000. He is followed by Bikram Kumar Bhushal by Pokhara who is sold for Rs 50,000.

Sonu Tamang attracts few bid and he goes to Chitwan Rhinos for Rs 85,000. Bhim Sharki, the exciting allrounder, draws maximum bid limit of Rs 150,000 from Butwal Blasters and Pokhara Paltans. He will go on luck draw. And Butwal Blasters get him for Rs 150,000.

Mehboob Alam, the big name, the unpredictable allrounder, is sold for Rs 160,000 to Pokhara Paltans. The man who was unsold in the Dhangadhi Premier League is now sold for what could be a huge sum for an ageing cricketer.

Kirshna Karki is the new man in bid and he is sold for Rs 100,000, the base price that he kept for himself, to Pokhara Paltans. Pranit Thapa Magar has gone unsold but there is good news for his U-19 teammate Sumit Maharjan who is sold for 50,000 to Chitwan Rhinos.

After a series of four uncapped who went unsold, Basanta Regmi draws the maximum bid of Rs 250,000. Pokhara Paltans and Kathmandu Royals will fight in the lucky draw for the national team veteran spinner. And the winner is Kathmandu Royals. Basanta will play for Gyanendra Malla in the PPL.

Prem Tamang is a big name which has gone unsold. Its amazing. The former U-19 cricketer who did very well in the 2016 U-19 World Cup, doesn't interest anyone.

Jitendra Singh Thakuri is picked up by Biratnagar Titans for an amount of Rs 70,000. His sale comes after Nandan Yadav is sold to Nandan Yadav for a base price of Rs 50,000. Gyanendra Malla gets him.

Aarif Sheikh is the new big name up next. Five teams show interest and its a luck draw. Aarif had put a base price of Rs 200,000 and Chitwan Rhinos gets him for Rs 250,000, the maximum bidding limit.

Ravi Kumar Shah, the current U-19 cricketer, and Rajbir Singh go unsold after Zora hits the Rs 90,000 jackpot. 

Sandeep Zora is the first player in auction after the 45-minute break. Zora draws interest from few franchises and he is sold for Rs 90,000 to Dhangadhi Blues. Ninth player sold for Blues. Zora is an U-19 cricketer.

Naresh Budhayer, the opener, is sold to Kathmandu Royals for Rs 230,000. Dhangadhi Blues were going neck-to-neck in the bid. 

Sagar Pun has been sold to Rs 250,000 in lucky draw to Butwal Blasters. Hashim Ansari also goes to Butwal Blasters for Rs 50,000. Raju Rijal is sold to Biratnagar Titans for Rs 85,000.

Pradeep Singh Airee is the big name up front. Former health minister Gagan Thapa pulls a big name straight away. Biratnagar Titans get Pradeep for Rs 240,000.

Aadil Khan, the lanky batsman and wicketkeeper goes to Kathmandu Royals. Gyanendra Malla gets his Kathmandu Cricket Training Centre graduate. 

Fast bowler Rashid Khan is sold to Pokhara Paltans for Rs 70,000. That was the base price set for him.

Karan KC has been shown interest by all the teams, except Biratnagar Titans. Karan has set a base price of Rs 150,000. Its a lucky draw for five teams. Karan goes to Chitwan Rhinos for Rs 250,000.

Lalit Narayan Rajbanshi, the national team left arm spinner, has his base price kept at Rs 90,000 and he is sold for Rs 100,000 to Pokharan Paltans. Its amazing to see there were none other franchise interested for such a talented player.

Amar Singh Routel, the medium pace bowling all rounder, was shown interest by three teams. And he has been sold to Kathmandu Royals for a maximum bid limit of Rs 100,000.

Prithu Baskota, the former U-19 skipper, is sold for Rs 120,000 to Kathmandu Royals. Aakash Thapa and Deepak Poudel were the two players going unsold before Prithu.

The veteran allrounder Pushpa Thapa is sold to Biratnagar Titans for Rs 50,000 after Roshan Pulami, Bishal Bikram KC and Sandeep Prajali go unsold.

Kishor Mahato, the U-19 fast bowler, is sold to 90,000 to Biratnagar Titans.

Sagar Dhakal, the one who created quite a lot of talk with his spin in Quadrangular U-19 One Day Series in India, has hit a price of Rs 130,000 to Dhangadhi Blues.

Sanjam Regmi, another big name, the auctioneer says he is the old war horse of Nepali cricket, goes unsold. No one is interested. Krishna Poudel is also unsold.

Kathmandu Royals get Sushan Bhari Shrestha for Rs 150,000.

Puran BK, the brother of national team fast bowling all rounder Sompal Kami, is sold to Butwal Blasters. Sompal tells the team owner to raise the flag and Puran is sold for a base price of Rs 30,000.

Arun Airee is the big name to go unsold in recent  list of unsold players that also include Dev Shah, Dhiraj Singh, Sumit Jha, Durgesh and Yogesh Bhat Chhetri. 

Ramnaresh Giri, the fast bowler for former U-19 team, is sold to Chitwan Rhinos for Rs 85,000.

Ishan Pandey and Ansarul Rain goes unsold.

Dilip Nath has been sold to Dhangadhi Blues for a price of Rs 240,000.

Bhuwan Karki is sold to Chitwan Rhinos 1.50 lakhs.

Jitendra Mukhiya is sold to Biratnagar  for 75 thousands.

Shankar Rana is sold to Butwal for 80 thousands.

Anil Kharel remains unsold.

Ritesh Singh remains unsold.

Chandra B.C. remains unsold.

Sandeep Sunar is sold to Dhangadi for 90 thousands.

Rajesh Pulami is sold to Biratngar for 1.50 lakhs.

Kamal Singh Airee is sold to Dhangadi for 1.50 lakhs.

Shaha Alam, one of the best bowlers in the Dhangadhi Premier League, has been shown multiple teams. Four teams have bid him for 150,000 and Biratnagar Titans get them in lottery.

Dinesh Adhikari, Nawaraj Karki, Bipin Khatri, Bipin Rawal and Rupesh Kumar Singh go unsold.
National team left arm fast bowler Lalit Singh Bhandari, who had base price of Rs 100,000, is sold to Butwal Blasters for Rs 200,000. There were multiple bids for him.
Sushil Darai, the uncapped player, goes unsold. The auction floor is currently taking stocks of overall pocket ceiling left for the franchises.

Robeen Chhetri, the uncapped player, is sold to Dhangadhi Blues for Rs 60,000 and Rabindra Jung Shahi who is currently in the national U-19 team playing in the ACC U-19 Asia Cup goes unsold.

Santosh Bhatta, one of the utility players, in domestic Twenty20, is sold to Dhangadhi Blues for a price of Rs 90,000. He is among the capped age player. 
A long list of uncapped players go unsold. That list includes Dhananjaya Adhikari, Kumar Thapa, Ejaj Ansari, Paras Lamichhane, Sakriya Pratap Karki, all uncapped players go unsold.

Hard hitting batsman Binod Bhandari with base price of 2.5 lakhs is bid by four teams. In lucky draw Pokhara will have Bhandari
Bhupendra Thapa, uncapped with base price of 30 thousands remains unsold.

Hari Bahadur Chauhan, uncapped player with base price of 30 thousands. He has scored a century and a hat-trick in last edition of PM Cup. He is sold to Butwal for his maximum price of 1 lakh.

Devendra Shahi, uncapped with base price of 55 thousands is unsold.

Siddhant Lohani, capped senior with base price of 50 thousands. He is sold to Butwal for 1.60 lakhs.

Rikesh Ojha, uncapped player is unsold.

Jagat Bahadur Chhetri, uncapped player is unsold.

Yogendra Singh Karki, capped junior with base price of 70 thousands is the next man in auction. He is sold to Dhangdhi for 1.10 lakhs.

Mohammad Sonu Ansari, uncapped player remains unsold.

Former U16 captain Rit Gautam remains unsold.

Divyanshu Mallick, uncapped all rounder with base price of 30 thousands remains unsold.

Pawan Sarraf, Junior Capped, all-rounder is the next player in auction. His base price is 1 lakh. He has been sold to Kathmandu for 1.5 lakhs.
Rajan Magar, Capped junior is unsold.

Pratis GC, left arm fast bowler who represented Nepal in U16 remains unsold.

Rohit Kumar Paudel, whose base price was 1 lakh has been sold out for the maximum amount of 2.5 lakhs for Pokhara Paltan. He is the second player after Anil Kumar Sah to be sold for maximum amount.

Aashu Kondoi remains unsold.

Rahul BK, senior capped remains unsold.

Shakti Gauchan is the next man in for auction. The veteran left arm spinner who has his base price of 2.10 lakhs is probably the biggest name to remain unsold in today's auction. 

Rikesh Ojha, 

Nischal Chaudhary, capped junior base price of 50 thousands remains unsold.

Dipesh Shrestha is the next man in auction. The fast bowler is sold for 90 thousands for Biratnagar.

Anil Kumar Sah is the next name. He is capped senior player. His base price is 1.5 lakhs. All six teams goes for Anil and his maximum price is Rs 2.5 lakhs. Chitwan Rhinos is the lucky team from lucky draw.

Mohammad Samsad Sheikh, capped junior category player. His base price is Rs 60 thousands. Butwal has raised their hand for Sheikh. None of the other team is interested so he is sold for Butwal.

Niranjan Dumre is unsold.

Manjeet Shrestha is the first player to be sold in today's auction. The player of Capped senior category has been purchased by Dhangadhi for his base amount of Rs 50 thousands.

Narayan Joshi is the first player in PPL's auction. Medium pace bowler is from Dhangadhi is unsold. He is capped Junior. 

Pokhara Premier League's auction has just started. A total of 178 players are in auction out of which 60 players, 10 players for each franchise team. We will be live throughout the auction.


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