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Captains' voice their concern after ODI success

Mar 26, 2018 | Parbati Lama |

It has already been almost two years since the International Cricket Council (ICC) the Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN). Despite the suspension, Nepali cricket team has managed to bring home the coveted One Day International status. With the country now needing to make the most of the hard-earned ODI status, Nepal must find ways to get rid of off-field problems beginning with the cricket governing body. 

After the annual general meeting of the Cricket Players’ Association of Nepal (CPAN), the five former skippers and current captain Paras Khadka has urged to come up with a solution to get cricket right on track. Here is what they have to say: 


Pawan Agrawal

A 'governing body' is required to run Nepali cricket. It is very difficult to preserve ODI status if the situation remains the same. We need a 'governing body' quickly and everyone must be serious about it. Nepal's domestic cricket structure is zero due to the absence of CAN, and Nepalese players are unfortunate to have to compete without a guardian in the international tournaments. There is a challenge to protect ODI benefits.


Lekh Bahadur Chhetri

The dispute should end soon to protect the subsequent achievement of the player's struggle. The success of Nepal's cricket has proved that parents have also started allowing their children to play cricket. If the concerned body goes together, we can extend our ODI tenure for sure.


Raju Khadka

Nepal was known as the country of Gautam Buddha and Sagarmatha. Now cricket has also identified Nepal in the world. Our wish is to get a cricket body set up at the earliest. I urge all people to keep aside their ego and dispute and work together for the betterment of cricket. Hope, Nepali cricket won’t be the history.


Binod Das

The history of Nepali cricket is full of worries. When will CAN come in the existence? Nepalese players can lead but they do not believe it. We do not lack manpower neither we lack capacity, we only lack opportunity. In the 22-year history of cricket, we have lost so many of players and gained only few.


Paras Khadka

Due to the personal interest of few officials, the draft amendment made by the ICC has not been passed yet. The success achieved by Nepali cricket is the result of the sacrifice made by players. However, Nepali cricket has reached into a sorry state. If you are not thinking about ODI, nothing can happen to Nepali cricket.


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